A strong guy exercises the heartbeat and stop myocardial biopsy when exercising

Dongfang.com Correspondent Shengxing reported on March 23: Sulai is strong, with little headache, brain heat, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids, and healthy diet … It is such a young man who was just in his early 20s, but he experienced life and death.——The heartbeat stop during a very soothing jogging exercise.120 ambulance personnel implemented cardiopulmonary resuscitation and electric shock defibrillation for the first time, and rushed to the emergency department of the Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai.The imaging science and cardiac electrical evaluation of the cardiac are not found after admission. Only myocardial enzymes and muscle calcium proteins are slightly increased. Although the myocardial infarction cannot be completely eliminated, the symptoms and signs are not typical.Coronary movie is added, and the possibility of myocardial infarction is also ruled out. What is the reason for the stop of the heartbeat?

Faced with the strange condition, Director Che Wenliang, the Department of Cardiology of the Tenth Hospital, organized a consultation.The young man had no basic disease, nor the family history of the arrest and syncope of heartbeat, and no bad habits. What is the cause of life, health, and persistence exercise.Still start to get from the abnormal indicators to peel the cocoons approach the truth.

Slightly increased myocardial enzymes and myocal calcium proteins that suggest that myocytes are damaged, and the most common cause of myocardial damage is myocardial infarction, but the young man has undergone coronal angiography.30%to 40%of the stenosis, but no blood vessels are blocked, myocardial infarction can basically be eliminated, and the suspicion of the focus points to the myocardial lesions.

Myocardial disease is just a general name. There are many diseases behind the diseases, myocarditis, inflammatory cardiomyopathy, invasive myocardiasis, myocardial starch, hypertrophic myocardial disease, cardiac sodule disease …Archeological stops and myocardial enzymes are abnormal, but the treatment has its own focus. Only clear diagnosis can accurately and effective treatment.

Internal consultation is recommended to carry out the myocardial biopsy immediately, that is, the biopsy of the biopsy through the vein of the stock, and a piece of myocardial examination of the size of the rice grains to carry out a pathological examination.As soon as he heard that he had to “put a piece of meat” on the heart, the young man and his family were in doubt:

“Do you have to do this project? Will you damage the heart? Can you use other unmothetized examinations to replace it?”

“From the perspective of the patient’s condition, neither magnetic resonance nor isotopes scan can not directly and comprehensively evaluate the myocardial pathological condition. One can only show the structure of the heart, and the other can only indicate the metabolic situation of the myocardial muscle.Causes of myocardial lesions, and biopsy can directly ‘see’ to the pathological manifestations of myocardial tissue and cells, which is the real ‘gold standard’. Moreover, the current sampling equipment is very advanced, and the security of biopsy is very high. Don’t worry too much.”

Director Che Wenliang’s patient introduction has lifted the doubts and concerns of patients and family members.On the basis of careful preparation, the right femoral vein puncture is used to build a pathway, and the myocardial biopsy is used to the right ventricular interval, and the myocardial tissue with the size of the rice grains is taken.Through microscope observation and polymerase chain reaction (PCR), it not only stimulates the culprit — the myocarditis caused by the virus, but also clarifies the type of virus.

Hearing the word “virus”, the young man remembered a cold a month ago. At that time, the symptoms were heavier than the ordinary wounds, and there was a low fever, but he had a fever in just one day.The symptoms have disappeared for so long, and the virus is lurking in the body to wait for the opportunity to make waves.The myocardial biopsy clearly clarifies the cause, and the treatment is targeted. Only one week after the symptomatic treatment, the young man was recovered and discharged smoothly.

In fact, this situation is not a case in the Department of Cardiology of the Tenth Hospital. In recent stage, many patients have received myocardial biopsy due to factors such as mental failure and myocardial enzyme abnormalities.Cardioplasty degeneration, lymphocytisic myocarditis, iron over loading myocardial damage and other complex and suspected difficulty heart diseases.

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