Beijing issued a policy of compulsory education this year

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 23 (Reporter Zhao Xu) The Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued the “Opinions on Entrance Education Stage in Compulsory Education in 2024” on the afternoon of the 23rd, emphasizing the principle of adhering to the “free test” in the compulsory education stage., Various types of competition certificates, examination certificates, etc. are used as the basis for enrollment.
According to reports, Beijing’s compulsory education phase this year has maintained stability, enrollment adheres to the district level, and various districts organize the implementation of compulsory education enrollment in this region.Primary school enrollment adopts a combination of registered enrollment, single -school films and multi -school films; Xiao Shengchu adopts the way to exempt and delegate it according to volunteers.
Earlier, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the special action of compulsory education (2024) on the development of compulsory education.According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing will strictly implement the special action requirements of the Ministry of Education’s Sunshine Admissions, focus on optimizing and improved policy measures, strict supervision of entry processes, increased information disclosure, inspection and evaluation and implementation.Admission management.
The person in charge emphasized that Beijing will further strengthen the “four prohibitions” this year -it is strictly forbidden to use examination results and various competition certificates, training competition results, test certificates, etc. as a basis for enrollment;; It is strictly forbidden to enroll and select students in the form of training classes, campus open days, and summer camps in the form of training classes, campus open days, and summer camps. It is strictly forbidden to enroll any schools in the name of experimental classes, characteristic classes, international ministries, and international curriculum classes.
In recent years, Beijing has accelerated the structural reform of education supply -side, and promoted the supply of educational services from monomers to the supply of education groups and school districts.Up to now, the city’s group -based school coverage rate has reached 75%, and the management of school district system has covered 90%of primary and secondary schools. The 100%of the township compulsory education school has been supported by the “handle”, and more than 42,000 exchange rotation teachers are arranged.In addition, in the past three years, Beijing has increased more than 110,000 primary and secondary school degrees.
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Source: Xinhuanet

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