Cleanest NBA stars: Nash and Nowitzki included. Who’s the top pick?

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There are a lot of players in the NBA and a lot of notoriously nasty players. The disgusting players do not want to discuss more, today I want to talk about the humble players inside the NBA.

American netizens on social networking sites to make a voting selection to see who is the cleanest player playing inside the NBA? But who is the best quality among the players?

Fifth: Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki has been playing for the Mavericks for 19 years and has also taken several pay cuts for the Mavericks, totaling more than $90 million in pay cuts. Off the field, Nowitzki’s character is very good, on the field Dirk is also a very polite player, playing quality is also very high, career rarely conflict with others. Norwegian Heavenly King created his own Golden Chicken Independence move is to avoid physical contact with others, life Dirk likes music, good at saxophone and guitar, he is also a singer, multi-talented, likeable.

Fourth: Ray Allen

Ray Allen is a famous modest gentleman inside the NBA, he plays a conservative style, not bursting into, clean action, three-point jumper posture is beautiful, admirable. And off-court Ray Allen is also a very good temperament of a player, because from the Green Army left to defect to the three giant heat, Ray Allen is often subject to that year’s good brother truth Pierce and Garnett’s misunderstanding and condemnation, but Ray Allen has not been responded to, and has been quietly doing their own philanthropy after retiring.

Cleanest NBA stars: Nash and Nowitzki included. Who’s the top pick?

Third: Steve Nash

Steve Nash is a point guard, his style of play on the field is also very good, Nash likes to play to avoid the sharpness of others, do not like also others rushed, there is no what body plate and big center hard fight, with the wisdom of the playing style. On the field of Nash’s style of play and good quality, off the field of Nash is also a good father, Nash has a team of very lovely twin daughters, often see him attend any activity with their daughters. The man who is willing to spend time to take care of his daughters must be a good father with love.

Second place: Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan, nicknamed Dumb and Dumber, is not really a dumb and dumber expression, but Duncan has a doctorate degree in psychology, and he generally doesn’t like to show his inner self on his expression. Duncan’s character is really good, Popovich also more than once praised Duncan’s person. Duncan never conflict with others on the court, even if it is because of the innocent was blown foul, Duncan is also smiling to accept, others provoke him, Duncan is silent away from the frame. Duncan’s calm, honest, diligent and simple character is really too much for people to like.

First place: Yao Ming

Yao Ming’s character is very popular in China and in the NBA, because Yao Ming not only has the traditional Chinese humility and diligence, but also has the kind of fun and humor that Americans like. Players who have been teammates with Yao are all praising Yao for his good human qualities and high emotional intelligence. And former teammate Mutombo even bluntly said, “Yao Ming is the best person I’ve ever met.” O’Neal also often praised Yao Ming not only playing quality, the field is also funny and humor, interviews, talking to answer questions and high emotional intelligence.

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