Create zero stock green denim, SHEIN rely on advanced technology to open sustainable fashion

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 The global fashion industry is facing the dual dilemma of excessive consumption of resources and environmental pollution, especially behind the iconic jeans in the rapid change of young consumers, and there is a problem of serious water resources waste.In this context, SHEIN, as the world’s leading cross -border fashion retailers, actively assume social responsibility. With its innovative perspective and technology research and development strength, the “cold -printed denim technology technology” was successfully launched.This technology not only helps reduce the waste of water resources, but also strongly promotes the green development and transformation of the entire fashion industry.


  Cold -transfer -printed denim process technology is like a green “printer” for denim fabrics, which abandoned the traditional processes that used to rely on a large amount of water resources and chemicals, and adopted advanced digital printing technology.Inside the line, the various denim texture and color effects are accurately presenting, which greatly reduces the consumption of water resources and improves the color reduction and color fastness.

  With the certification of international authoritative agencies Bureau Veritas, compared with the traditional denim fabric production process, shein’s cold -printed denim process technology can save up to 70.5%of water consumption.Since the application of this technology in 2021, SHEIN has saved nearly 9,000 tons of water in the production of denim fabrics, which is equivalent to about 18 million bottles of loaded water, marking the company’s major breakthrough in green textile technology innovation.


  In addition, the cold transfer technology has also significantly improved the production operation environment, reducing the staff’s contact with chemicals, tedious and repeated immersion, and water washing steps. Only with the help of computer drawing patterns and cutting through laser cuttingCowboy fabric for diversified demand.The environmentally friendly and active ink developed by Shein is also the core component of this innovation technology. It has the advantages of high -solid color and high -color fastness, which can effectively reduce the use of assistants, reduce hydropower vapor consumption and sewage discharge, and further demonstrates its pairing pairThe persistent pursuit of sustainable development.

  Behind SHEIN’s “Sustainable Fashion Card” contains powerful business innovation competitiveness.Through digital empowerment, SHEIN can guide the production and return of denim products in real time according to the market sales data, to achieve the “small single fast anti -anti -anti -” agile flexible supply chain model, and effectively reduce the waste of production and inventory.The application of cold transfer technology has pushed this flexibility to the extreme, so that denim manufacturers can quickly print the washing effect and rich flowers on the white gray cloth like a printer to meet consumers’ customization and diversity of denim products for denim products.At the same time, it supports small batches of trial production and flexibly adjust the output according to market demand, which truly achieves the goals of on -demand production and zero inventory.


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