Education bloggers "high -pressure education" mistaken for children

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  Let the boy smashing his own hand, let the girl throw the toy comic book into the trash, and attack the language: “You are the second in the second year, how can you make the kindergarten class” … Recently, the social media account “Zhao JuyingSeveral videos released by family education have caused controversy.

  Zhao Juying claimed to be a senior family education expert and a senior Chinese master in 33 years. He toured more than 1,000 speeches across the country and had published two books.On May 6, a person from the Education Bureau of Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province stated that Zhao Juying retired from a primary school in the city in 2023. The Education Bureau will intervene in the investigation.

  Regardless of whether its name is “dazzling” or not, it is really clumsy to the “educational method” presented by the video. Not only is it not worthy of “senior educational experts”, but even the word education.

  The behavior logic of this so -called senior family education experts is to seize people first, deter students, and then slow down, trying to guide students to obey their commandments.For example, when it comes up, it is a language storm, and simply rudely hitting, smashing, and throwing. Through the compulsory partitioning children’s various living connections and emotional sustenance, trying to let them focus on learning goals.

  Perhaps, in the eyes of individual parents, this person has a kind of decisive decisiveness on this person, and it can indeed “town” some children, but that’s it.After all, raising children requires love, not by intimidation.

  The correct approach is to communicate and remind them, stimulate children’s endogenous motivation, and help them arrange their time for learning and rest. Do not indulge in it.”Dispostering” by “destruction of corpses” will not only succeed, but also trigger rebellion, and even let the child closure themselves from then on.

  In recent years, parents and society have paid more and more attention to education, and convenient social platforms have also become a show for “family education experts”.In the middle, many insightful experts have indeed given good opinions, but it does not rule out some muddy water -touching people who harvest traffic.

  In any case, the poor family education concept of family education like “Zhao Juying Family Education” is not commendable, and it should not be popular on social platforms.

  After all, either education experts or parents should learn how to communicate smoothly with their children. Even if they do not understand education, at least they should understand the individual differences and personality dignity of children.Relying on the so -called family education, it cannot afford the future of children.

  □ Dragon Zhu (Mediaman)

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