Explore the deep integration of insurance consumption and health industry to integrate JD.com Health to promote high -quality growth in health insurance

On April 17, the Molecular Insurance Technology Conference in 2024 was held in Suzhou. More than 4,000 representatives from health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and third -party health service companies attended the meeting.JD Health was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech. It comprehensively analyzed the transformation trend of the health insurance market in recent years, and introduced the thinking of Jingdong Health on consumer health insurance and the recent practice of insurance business.JD Health expressed his hope to provide consumers with the experience of “more-fast-good-province”, while helping to increase revenue growth in large health industry companies, and help the security division to increase premium income.

With the rapid development of the insurance industry, health insurance has gone through the development of critical illness insurance to millions of medical care in the past 20 years, to Hui Minzhong, and in the context of increasing market competition, consumers’ cost -effectiveness and insurance claims for insurance products are insured.Efficiency and professional health services have put forward higher requirements.

The person in charge of JD health enterprise business insurance business team pointed out that in order to cope with these challenges, JD Health uses its own efficient supply chain capabilities to provide the industry with rich product physical supply chain and high -quality service supply chain, and explore and practice in multiple insurance cooperation fields.

In response to the difficulty of sales and transformation of insurance products, JD Health relies on the advantages of “the first entry of online health consumption”, which can accurately match insurance needs for target users and effectively solve the problem of insurance products “in danger”.Taking the pregnancy of folic acid as an example, this part of the crowd is naturally a potential customer of the production insurance. JD health and precisely capture this demand to provide consumers with a “purchase of medicine+guarantee” one -stop service. Consumers are buyingAfter folic acid tablets, you can receive an insurance protection for the pregnant population to escort pregnant women and babies.

In addition, Jingdong Health also combined with JD Insurance to launch 99 cards around the rights of special disease insurance. I hope to “find a shopping action-find a precise population-recommendation insurance to lock related repurchase-common protection of health” to reduce consumer decision-making choicesAt the same time, it helps to improve the precision customer acquisition ability.

On the day of the meeting, the person in charge of the business insurance business team of Jingdong Health Enterprise also said that in the future, JD.com hopes to work with more pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies to create a more complete multi -level guarantee system to protect the health of the public.

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