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my country is a large marine country and has about 18,000 kilometers of mainland coastline.The Gulf is the highland of economic development in the coastal region and the heavy place for ecological protection.

In recent years, the coastal cities in my country have been protected by the bay. The mechanism has been mature, and the system governance has continued to deepen. The quality of the ecological environment of the bay has steadily improved, but the problem of sea drift garbage is still yet to be resolved.To this end, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, has achieved normalization and full coverage of sea drift garbage in the city, and achieves maritime collection and land disposal.

This maritime garbage sweeping boat is equipped with two flip. During the driving process, you can pick up the floating garbage on the sea of the sea at any time and put it in the trash can.At present, the Xiamen Maritime Sanitation Station covers a 230 -square -kilometer waters through mechanical cleaning boats, inspecting speedboats and small ships, and can clean up 3,000 tons of sea drift garbage every year.

Zhang Lianghua, the head of the Xiamen Municipal Maritime Environmental Health Management Station: The top of the ship is equipped with 360 -degree video surveillance. The screen can be transmitted to the dispatch center, which can monitor real -time monitoring of garbage conditions on the sea surface.Sea drifting garbage is mainly plant -based, as well as some plastic garbage.It will have a certain impact on the living environment of marine life.

According to the person in charge of the management station, in the past, the fishing garbage could only be found by experience and seeing it by the flesh.Now with the big data analysis system and more advanced salvage equipment, the salvage efficiency is greatly improved.At the maritime sanitation station in the dock, the staff is watching the floating of garbage in the sea through the smart maritime sanitation command platform.According to the staff, this command system can predict the floating of maritime garbage according to factors such as tide and wind power, and send staff to salvage in a timely manner for seas that may float in garbage.

The “four -modernization” governance mechanism of sea drift garbage is promoted nationwide

According to the staff of the Xiamen Maritime Sanitation Station, during the salvage and cleaning process, it was found that recyclable garbage and other recyclable wastes were found to be sorted and packed.Essence

Nowadays, Xiamen Innovation has established a “fourization” working mechanism, the implementation of institutionalized responsibilities, normalized maritime cleaning teams, systematic comprehensive governance, and information forecast supervision mechanisms.The “Four Four Fourists” governance mechanisms of sea drift garbage have been included in the national ecological civilization pilot zone reform measures and experience and practices list to promote them nationwide.

Intelligent purification of sewage of near -shore

Haiju coordinating pollution

The problem of marine ecological environment is manifested in the sea, and the root is on the land.In the past, Xiamen also faced the problem of pollution in the sea. A large amount of domestic sewage was directly discharged, which seriously affected the water quality of the near -shore waters.As a bay city, how should a large amount of wastewater produced by residents’ production and life be treated?Over the years, Xiamen has adhered to the coordination of land and sea, the high -level linkage, and carefully painted a harmonious and beautiful picture of people with high -quality development and high -level protection.

The Takasaki Water Quality Purification Plant, located in Huli District, Xiamen City, is one of the important projects in Xiamen to improve sewage treatment capabilities in recent years.The first phase of this purification plant adopts a half -ground buried layout plan, which looks like a garden from the outside.In 2023, the average daily water treatment plant treated 760,000 tons.It not only solves the problem of sewage treatment in related areas, but also enhances the overall scheduling and processing capacity of the sewage treatment system of the island through the interconnected main pipeline of the water purification plant in Xiamen Island.

Chen Qiuru, deputy director of Xiamen Ecological and Environment Bureau: Since 2020, Xiamen has invested 17.09 billion yuan in new investment, newly and expanded 16 water quality purification plants, with an average of 1.205 million tons of new sewage treatment capacity.The sewage “can be intercepted, sent away, and handled.”

The so -called “interception” refers to the innovation implementation of the original clear source reconstruction project. It is full of effort to the front end of the sewage collection, upgrade the drainage system of old communities, and implement rain and diversion.”Send it away” refers to the need to comprehensively sort out the needs of the sewage treatment plant pipe network, simultaneously promote the construction of supporting pipe network projects, scientifically set up adjustment pools, add emergency transit pipe networks, and improve sewage scheduling capacity.The “processing” is that in accordance with the principle of “centralized and dispersed”, it will make every effort to promote the new and expand of sewage treatment plants. The new sewage treatment capacity is 1.205 million tons/day.Ton/day.

Chen Qiuru, deputy director of the Xiamen Ecological and Environment Bureau: After three years of tackling, the centralized collection rate of domestic sewage in Xiamen City has increased from 70.6%to 87.6%, and the centralized processing rate has increased from 96.4%to 100%.In 2023, the excellent water quality area of the near -shore waters reached 84.2%, reappearing the beautiful scenery of the beach.

The construction of beautiful bay requires long -term hair for a long time to work

In 2019, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, together with the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources, launched the work of the construction of beautiful bays.In 2035, 283 bays in the near -shore waters of the country basically built a beautiful bay.In recent years, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has selected 20 excellent cases of beautiful bays, which has condensed a number of innovative construction models that can be replicated, promoted and reference.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment stated that this year, on the basis of the third marine pollution baseline survey in the entire sea area, the organization of all coastal areas will be organized by the bay as the basic unit to conduct a refined investigation of the bay ecological environment, and grasp every in the area under the jurisdiction.The basic status, endowment characteristics and outstanding problems faced by a bay.

Zhang Zhifeng, deputy director of the Department of Marine Ecology and Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment: This is a long process to promote marine development methods to recycling.The effectiveness of marine ecological environment governance is not enough. The distribution map of the water quality level of our near -shore waters is the Bohai Sea, the other is the Yangtze River Estuary Hangzhou Bay, and the other is the neighboring sea area of the Pearl River Estuary. These three districts are also our “14th Five -Year Plan” and evenIn the area of key tackling in the later period.

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