Hainan compete for new commercial aerospace track

  Original title: Fully strive to Tian Tuqiang, promote the normalized launch of the new launch of the Hainan Commercial Space Circuit during the year


  On March 5th, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that when he participated in the review of the 14th National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress, he emphasized that he must firmly grasp the primary task of high -quality development and develop new productivity for local conditions.When conveying learning, the Hainan delegation pointed out that it is necessary to work hard to “look strong to the seedlings”, “Xianghai Map”, “Xiangtian Tuqiang”, “Xiang Green Picture”, “Qianguqiang”, and continuously cultivate new new and new new new characteristics of Hainan characteristicsQuality productive forces make Hainan an important practice place for new quality productivity.From today, this newspaper has launched the “Hainan to New & MDASH; & MDASH; Create a series of new quality productive for productivity”, showing all walks of life to seize new fields and new opportunities in new fields, and continue to optimize the industrial chain, innovation chain and industrial innovation ecology.Vigorously develop the vivid practice and promotion of new quality productive forces, so stay tuned.

  On March 20, the flames were surging and trembling, and the Long March 8 Yaosan -carry rocket was like a white dragon. It leapt from the Wenchang Space Space launcher to send the Lieutenant Lieutenant Star of the No. 4 Bridge of the Lunar Exploration Project into the sky.

  At the construction site of No. 2 launch stations at the nearby Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Center, Lin Yongqing, a worker who witnessed this scene, could not be calm for a long time.By his side, the special launch tower of commercial aerospace stabb the sky.Soon after, the same spectacular rocket launch scene will also be reopened here.

  Right now, the No. 1 launch station has been completed and entered the stage of equipment installation and commissioning; No. 2 launching station is stepping up construction, and multiple operating planes have become the norm at the same time.At the scene, Lin Yongqing and the workers who were busy with the construction of the second launch stations were filled in the last part of the special concrete.

  Where is “special”?A reporter from Hainan Daily observed that compared with ordinary concrete, this special concrete color gray is white.”There are fine fibers in it, just like adding steel bars to concrete, heat resistance and sturdy, the price is more than 20 times higher than ordinary concrete.”People Liu Shumin explained.

  It turns out that the rocket will release a large amount of energy in the form of exhaust when launching. These high -temperature gases are discharged. It is necessary to use high -temperature -resistant special concrete and other materials such as to create a guide slot to ensure that the diversion slot is not damaged.

  On the work surface of the launch tower, the workers were welding the steel structure, and the sparks splashed and the waves were rolling.

  Through the report of the project manager Bian Pengfei, the magnificent body posture of the launch tower gradually became clear & mdash; & mdash; “height” reached 90 meters, mainly composed of steel structure assembly, which can meet the launch needs of 19 rockets.At the top of it, a water tank with a capacity of up to 650 cubic meters will be constructed. On both sides of the water tank, a huge water pipe with a height of 90 meters and a diameter of 1.8 meters is connected.

  ”Within 20 seconds after the rocket takes off, the flow of 35 cubic meters per second will spray water at the center of the flame at the tail of the arrow body. The technology further ensures the safe take -off and the rocket’s safety take -off andThe normal work of the diversion slot. “Bian Pengfei said.

  Except for the second launch station, Beijing Tianbing Technology Co., Ltd. is carrying out the construction of the rocket assembly and testing plant.”Aiming at the Hainan commercial space market, we lay out in advance to build the plant near the launch station. It is convenient for transportation and cost savings, which is of great benefit to follow -up high -frequency launch.” Beijing Tianbing Technology Co., Ltd. founder Kang Yonglai said.

  Looking at the whole country, commercial aerospace has developed very rapidly in our country.At the technical level, a variety of commercial rockets have been successfully traveled, and satellites developed by commercial companies have achieved first international and domestic technological breakthroughs.In terms of the industrial chain, my country has initially formed an industrial chain that integrates the general test of rockets, satellite research production, and satellite data for commercial aerospace.

  In recent years, Hainan Province has seized the opportunity of commercial aerospace development, has been benchmarking advanced, based on long -term, and continuously cultivating a series of new productivity with Hainan characteristics, and strives to create an important practice place for new quality productivity.Among them, as my country’s first commercial aerospace launch site, the Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Sports project is sprinting the goal of normalized launch in 2024.

  ”Commercial satellites that launch from Hainan will benefit every family and everyone.” Yang Tianliang, chairman of Hainan International Commercial Aerospace Launch Co., Ltd., told reporters that there are many living scenarios such as calling, checking weather forecasts, and using mobile phone maps.It is inseparable from the services provided by satellites such as communication, weather, and remote sensing.After the number of commercial satellites, the number of commercial satellites can be woven a large net to provide people with more comprehensive services.

  According to reports, in order to meet the growing demand for satellite networking, the two stations of the Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Center are designed 16 times a year, forming a high launch efficiency after forming launch capacity.

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