Hainan district is painted with high -quality education to make people’s livelihood happy background

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Education is the country’s plan
Is the party of the party
Is the biggest people’s livelihood
Grasping education is to grasp development
Profit education is to seek the future
In recent years, Hainan has insisted onStarting and foothold with “running the people’s satisfactory education”, Continue to optimize the layout of education, strive to build an educational and livelihood project, and accelerate the modernization of education.Enhance the Hainan Minsheng Happiness Index with high -quality educationEssence
The rapid advancement of school construction projects is an important reflection of Hainan’s adherence to education priority and depicting a better blueprint for life for the people.
The reporter came to Xizhuizishan School and entered the school gate with students. The campus environment with complete functions and high -quality equipment came into view. Parents who sent their children to school smiled. “Now the teaching conditions of schools are getting better and better.When I went to school, our parents were also very happy.
Since 2017, Hainan has invested a total of 58.155 million yuan to implement project construction such as primary and secondary schools, security facilities, smart campus construction, and laboratory reconstruction.
In the past three years, more than 30 million yuan has been invested and upgraded to the campus network, so that the Internet access rate, the “smart blackboard” configuration rate, and the “interactive interaction” recording and broadcast classroom allocation rate all reached 100%, 15%Of primary and secondary schools are equipped with maker classrooms. 36 teaching classes in 5 primary and secondary schools are equipped with the “smart classroom” system to comprehensively optimize the school running conditions; invested nearly 110 million yuan to build Nineteenth Middle School of Wuhai City, and build the scale of construction.36 classes (24 classes in primary schools and 12 classes in junior high school), effectively resolve the problem of large schools.
In order to further enrich the campus life of students and promote the comprehensive development of students, the 18th Middle School of Wuhai City has established a “Boya” cultural system and created a “Boya Class”.Three, 18 sports art, 1 social practice, 5 other classes.At the same time, there are also rich and diverse interest courses such as sand painting, paper -cutting, labor planting, 3D printing, archery, etc., to fully meet the needs of students’ learning skills and comprehensive development.
at the same time,All primary and secondary schools in Hainan District have created educational and teaching methods of their own characteristics in accordance with their own realityEssenceThe purpose of running the first primary school in Hainan District is to “educate the beauty”, and strive to allow every child to go to a better future.; Hainan Fourth Primary School adheres to the school’s schooling concept of “good education”, and has formed a unique “five good” curriculum system; Hainan Xizhuizi Mountain School will “good” as the core of the school, and strive to allow children to grow up healthy and happy.It runs education suitable for students’ development; Wuhai City 22rd Middle School pursues “Huancai” education; Wuhai City 23rd Middle School creates a “Spring” education brand, and strives to comprehensively stimulates through unique education and teaching methods to comprehensively stimulatesStudents ‘enthusiasm for learning, cultivating students’ ability to think independently and solving problems, and provide students with broader learning space.
The quality of education directly determines the satisfaction of the people and determines the credibility of education.In recent years, Hainan has continuously strengthened teachers and teachers, Teacher Teacher Pei Youyou, promoted the management reform of the “district management school employment” in primary and secondary school teachers, arranged 24 teachers to conduct rotating exchanges, promoted the balanced configuration of teachers, and accelerated the balanced development of inter -school.Start the classification of teachers to cultivate the classification of teachers, increase the introduction of talents, comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of teachers, lay a solid foundation for the development of education, allow students to learn from good to learn, and to improve the quality of education and teaching.
Up to now, there are 82 district -level backbone teachers in Hainan, 10 rookies in the altar, 20 teaching experts, and 9 outstanding teaching experts.In 2023, a total of 26 teachers were introduced, both of which were outstanding graduates of provincial key teachers and 211 engineering colleges.
It is a good education, and it is the heart of the people.In the next step, Hainan will take the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education as the main line. It will unswervingly promote the “double reduction”, continue to deepen the construction of the teacher team in the new era, and answer the examination of the people’s livelihood with their hearts., Strive forward and work hard to write a new chapter in Hainan Education in Hainan -style Hainan.

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