"Hot, hot and hot, enjoy health" National Fitness Competition was held

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  China News Network, Shanghai News, April 24th (Xu Jing) “This is the first time I feel the charm of boxing movement at close range. There will be employee fitness center downstairs. Let us exercise the body and mind after get off work. A few days ago, the unveiling ceremony of the National Construction Plaza National Fitness Center of China Construction Eighth Bureau and the “Hot and Hot Yuxing Health” National Fitness Competition was held.The event was hosted by the Dongfu Company of the China Construction Eighth Bureau. It was a microcosm of implementing the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Trade Union and promoting Shanghai to improve the quality of life and quality of employees.


  At the event, two professional boxing coaches of the National Fitness Center of China Construction Plaza brought boxing shows, allowing the on -site staff to enjoy a “hot and hot” visual feast.The National Fitness Ring Tournament has 6 projects including boxing tumblers, fun shots, and tablet support. Nearly 200 employees from the China Construction Eighth Bureau’s office in China Construction Plaza competed on the same stage and sweat.Come on at the scene and cheer and shouts, the wonderful performance of the players won the applause of the people present!


  On the day of the event, the “National Construction Plaza Employees National Health Plan” was read out on the day of the event. On the basis of this, China Construction Plaza employees’ homes will be aimed at the “six hearts and six loves” system in Shanghai.The lecture hall, the health science popularization of the employee’s book house, and the public welfare consultation of experts continuously promote healthy knowledge entering enterprises, entering the building, and guiding employees to establish the concept of great health and great health.In addition, the “Yue” “Yue” unbounded XRUN employee community brand was released at the scene, focusing on “dreamlessness, unlimited Yueli” as the core essential, focusing on employees’ clothing, food, housing, traveling, urgent and anxious problems, effectively carried out service care activities, continuously improvedEmployees’ sense of gain, happiness, and security.


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