How often do the instructor see a graduate student?Shanda: Once a week, record assessment

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How often do graduate mentors meet their students?

According to the news on March 22, the website of the School of Physics, Shandong University, the “mentor guidance” module has added a graduate management system for Shandong University.The system records as the basis for the assessment of the mentor.

According to the news, last September, the Graduate School of Shandong University held a special meeting to arrange a “mentor guidance” module to be deployed in the graduate management system of Shandong University.The meeting requires that all graduate students must fill in the information of the mentor to guide the students through the graduate management system.

Shandong University also stipulates that all graduate tutors must meet with the graduate students they are directed every week. You can choose online. You can choose offline. The situation of the mentor and graduate students should make a record in the graduate management system of Shandong University in time.In the future, the information will be an important basis for the qualifications of the mentor and the awards and evaluations.

Earlier, Shandong University issued the “Implementation Measures for the Construction of the Graduate Tutor Team” in May 2019. Some of the “Tutor Responsibilities” partly stipulated that “regularly organize a graduate academic seminar or research work report, and discuss exchanges with graduate students every month.Second, check the progress of scientific research and degree thesis in time in time, and master graduate students’ study, life and ideological dynamics. “

The surging news noticed that the Ministry of Education issued the “Opinions on the Responsibilities of the Discipline of the Graduate Matter Statue Studi” in January 2018, requiring graduate tutors to “regularly communicate with graduate students, guide graduate students to determine the direction of research, and conduct in -depth research.”In recent years, universities in various places have explored a variety of specific forms of “regular communication with graduate students”, and many of them require tutors to meet students once a week.

The “Responsibilities and Work Standards for Graduate Instructor Teachers and Work”, which was revised and released in April 2020, in Tongji University stipulated that postgraduate tutors should “establish regular meetings and talk about communication with graduate students, generally at least once a week.”

Although some colleges and universities have required the number of exchanges every week, they do not know whether teachers and students need to meet offline or online.The “Responsibilities and Management Measures for Graduate Instructor Lide Tree People” issued by Central South University stipulated that graduate tutors should “establish regular academic reporting systems per week” with graduate students.The “Implementation Measures for the Responsibilities of Comprehensive Implementation of Graduate Tutor Lide Tree” issued by Fuzhou University in September 2022 also stipulates that postgraduate mentors should “regularly (at least once a week) to guide graduate students’ curriculum learning and scientific research training.”

Another university stipulates the number of meetings between mentors and graduate students.The “Implementation Rules for Strengthening the Responsibilities of Graduate Tutor Lishu in October 2020” released by Zhengzhou University stipulates that the postgraduate mentor or tutor team will meet regularly with graduate students by holding reading clubs, reports on scientific research project progress, academic seminars, symposiums, etc.Communicate, and meet with graduate students every month must not be less than 2 times.

Many colleges and campuses are divided into “academic exchanges” and “non -academic exchanges”, and they have requested the frequency of communication to graduate tutors.In addition to the academic guidance at least once a week, the aforementioned Fuzhou University requires the instructor to “strengthen the humanistic care and psychological guidance of graduate students, and regularly communicate with the postgraduate exchanges with their guidance (in principle, each student is not less than once a month)” “Essence

The “Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Responsibility Implementation of Graduate Tutor Lide Tree”, which is implemented in Wuhan University in December 2018, stipulated that the mentor “should understand the dynamics of graduate ideology in time, talk to graduate students regularly, and talk about graduate students regularly, not less than once a month”, “at the same time”, “Each semester uses reading clubs, cultural salons, and video conferences to convene graduate students for at least 3 academic seminars. “

However, many universities have not put forward specific requirements for the frequency and method of communicating with students and students.The “Implementation Measures on the Responsibilities of the Responsibilities of the Discipline of the Graduate Tutor” issued by the Communication University of China on January 30, 2024, only requires graduate tutors to “ensure sufficient time and energy to guide graduate students”, “regularly communicate with graduate students, guide guidance, guide guidanceGraduate students have established research directions and carried out in -depth academic research. “

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