How to serve the project in the ecological environment partition?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 19th Question: The control of the ecological environment partition, how to serve the project?

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Jing

The Opinions of the General Office of the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Control of Ecological Environment Division of the State Council “was officially released recently, marking the entrance of my country’s ecological environment zoning in the new stage.

Where is the right place for a construction project?Will it destroy the ecological environment?This is a very important choice for enterprises and local development.

The control of the ecological environment partition is to implement the environmental management system of differentiated and accurate management and control, based on the goal of ensuring ecological functions and improving environmental quality, and is an important measure to improve the level of modernization of ecological environment.

A foundation: Determine the unit of ecological environmental control and control

In Fengjie County, Chongqing, the rapeseed dam -pumping power station is under construction.

When the power station was selected, there were multiple locations alternative.The local use of ecological environment partition management results provides full guidance services for project access and site selection, avoiding environmental sensitive areas such as nature reserves and drinking water sources protection areas, and finally determined the current site selection of power stations.

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment that as of the end of 2021, the management and control schemes of the ecological environment of the provincial and municipal levels across the country and municipalities were fully completed and implemented, and a set of ecological environment partition control systems that were covered, cross -departmental collaboration, and multi -elemental comprehensive ecological environment were formed.At present, more than 40,000 ecological environment control units are divided across the country, and differentiated and refined ecological environment access lists are formulated in accordance with the “one unit, one strategy”.

These control units are divided into priority protection, key control and general control:

——The ecological environment is preferred to protect the unit. Based on the ecological protection red line, the area of the protection is drawn out;

——The key management and control unit of ecological environment, with high pressure on the quality of ecological environment, high resource energy consumption strength, concentrated pollutant emissions, serious ecological destruction, and high environmental risks as the main body, identify the development of the development of the development of the contradiction between protection;

——In other areas, general control.

Wang Jinnan, Honorary Dean of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the key management and control unit is to solve the problem of highlighting ecological environment problems, promote the optimization of industrial layout and structure upgrade, and effectively curb the blind development of the “two highs and one low” project.For priority protection units, focus on ecological environmental protection, and ensure that the ecological security pattern is generally stable.

One means: prepare a list of ecological environment admission

In the development and construction of a place, what projects are allowed to build, and what projects should consider re -location selection?

The “Capital of China Home Appliances” Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, combines industry development requirements and the ecological environment endowment of the control unit, formulate a list of targeted ecological environment admission lists.In no way, it is not allowed to build or expand projects that directly discharge wastewater to Heyong.

Behind this, there is the requirements of the “three -line and one order” ecological environment partition control system to improve the system of prevention of the source of the ecological environment.The “three -line” is to “hard constraints” of ecological protection of the ecological protection red line, environmental quality bottom line, and resource utilization to the ecological environment to implement the ecological environment control unit. The “one order” is to formulate a list of ecological environment admission.

Wang Jinnan said that through the control of ecological environment partitions, a complete set of ecological environment management requirements such as atmosphere, water, soil, ecology, environmental risk, resource utilization, and industrial access are integrated into the “one picture” and “one list” management to achieve space in the space to achieve space in the space to achieve space in the space to achieve space in the space to achieve spaceThe ecological environment is refined, differentiated and controlled, and limits the economic resources and human behavior within the limit that the natural resources and the ecological environment can be tolerated.The bottom line of green development.

In -depth implementation of the strategy of the main functional zone, comprehensively implementing the land and space planning, and strengthening the application of the management and control results of the ecological environment partitions. On the one hand, it provides local party committees and governments with decision -making support, and on the other hand, it can play a guiding role in enterprise investment.

At present, the localities are based on the management and control of the ecological environment partitions, serving the decision -making decision -making of investment promotion, guiding enterprises to actively benchmark, supporting the project accurately and rapidly, and continuously improving service efficiency.

Through the application of ecological environment zoning, Fujian Xiamen deepen departmental collaboration, and guide nearly 10,000 projects to optimize or adjust its layout to avoid nearly 800 million yuan in investment losses.

A platform: ecological environment partition control information platform

Opinions requirements, improve the construction of the management and control information platform of the ecological environment.On the ecological environment zoning management and control information platform, it sets up public inspection permissions in accordance with laws and regulations, so that enterprises analyze the compliance requirements of the management and control requirements of the project and the ecological environment partition, and stimulate the development vitality of the business subject.

The reporter learned that the ecological environment partition management and control information platform of multiple provinces opens inquiry services to achieve one -click inquiries for environmental access, and provides fast environmental rationality research and judgment for investment promotion and project site selection lines.

In Chongqing, when a new acid wastewater resource use demonstration project site selection, the enterprise entered the project information in the APP of the Chongqing’s “Construction Project Selection Site Selection Environment” app, and the proposed address did not meet the “prohibited layout of the” prohibited layout.The control requirements of emitting heavy metals, adjust the site selection in time to avoid invalid investment in the early stage.

In Jiangsu, the comprehensive service platform of the ecological environment partition control and control has been launched and used for free to use it for the public.In the “auxiliary analysis” module of the platform, the user enters the project to build the location information, and selects the project environmental assessment category or industry category. The system can intelligently analyze and relevant management and control requirements to provide reference for the feasibility of the project site.

Wang Yan, deputy director of the Environmental Engineering Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, introduced that the digital information platform of the ecological environment partition controls the control requirements “complete sets, one -picture view, one table inspection”, and can quickly conduct intelligent environment admission research and judgment, selection, selectionAnalysis of the rationality of the site selection environment.

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