Industry ETF Hot Review | 3 stocks daily, fintech ETF closed against the market!AI empowerment finance, double -drive stock, incremental, sector performance is expected to increase high?

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Today, the fintech sector operates against the market throughout the day. The Sino -C Secort’s Fintech Theme Index once rose by over 2.5%in the morning, and the closing of the market still rose by 0.84%.The large area of the ingredient stocks fluttered. Among them, Xinchen Technology’s 20cm daily limit, the apex software and the Chinese science and Technology Jincai have been sealed, and the closure of the same flowers rose by more than 5%.

In terms of popular ETFs, the Financial Technology ETF (159851) of the CSI Financial Technology Theme Index focuses on AI finance applications and tracks CSI Financial Technology Theme Index rose by 0.90%in the market.The volume of a trading day is obvious; the fintech E ER Huaxia (516100) closed up 0.85%, and the turnover was 3.01 million yuan; the Fintech ETF (516860) closed up 0.58%, with a turnover of 12.97 million yuan.Looking at the long time, the financial technology sector has counterattacked significantly since February 6. As of today, the price of Fintech ETF (159851) has rebounded more than 35%.

In terms of market hotspots, domestic intelligent chat robots Kimi rose, AI continued to be popular, and fintech is expected to continue to benefit.On the message, the Colossal-AI team released the world’s first open source Sora architecture video generating model: Open-Sora 1.0.In addition, Zhonghao Xinying held a press conference of Venton Video Model V-Gen in Hangzhou and held a cooperation signing ceremony with Hangzhou Turing Engine Technology Co., Ltd.

Soochow Securities stated that under the background of the successive introduction of financial technology support policies and accelerating overseas financial vertical models, the financial vertical model will become the future development focus of the financial AI field.AI financial companies with more mature AI technology use experience will benefit significantly.AI empowering finance will make efforts from both existing business and incremental development:

①AI empower the growth of financial stock business.At present, head AI financial companies are committed to empowering the share -based app or financial terminals with large models, injecting AI capabilities into existing functions, and realizing intelligent customer service intelligent investment advisory and intelligent risks.The characteristics of convenient and efficient, enhance the viscosity of the original customer, increase customer acquisition capabilities, and attract passenger flow, and promote the growth of the company’s C -side B -end stock business growth.

② AI gives birth to the development of new financial business.The continued launch and continuous improvement of financial models is expected to give birth to new business scenarios and applications in the financial field, promote new businesses in the financial industry, and promote the continuous development of the financial industry.Financial AI related products will gradually enter the charging stage and become a new increase in the industry.

In the financial trading side, the turnover of A shares exceeded the trillion -dollar scale for 4 consecutive days, and the transaction sentiment has risen!The agency pointed out that the recent disclosed economic data is better than market expectations, and the background of stacking liquidity is relatively loose, providing support for the market. It is expected that the index may continue to fluctuate, and the performance of fintech companies is expected to increase high.

Looking forward to the market outlook, Guangfa Securities said that the development of AI will continue to promote financial technology reform and evolve new growth momentum. In addition, with the continuous recovery of the domestic economy, the trading volume of the securities market is expected to rise from a low level, driving the performance growth of fintech companies.It is recommended to pay attention to financial technology companies with a relatively leading AI layout and greater user stickiness.

According to the data, the largest industry of CSI Financial Technology Theme Index is a computer, accounting for about 80%, covering popular themes such as digital economy, ChatGPT, Xinchuang, and Financial IT.The second largest industry is non -silver finance (mainly Internet brokers), accounting for nearly 14%.Attach a list of top ten rights:

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