James Franklin Responds to Fan Criticism as Penn State Loses to Michigan State

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For years, the Penn State football team has struggled to overcome the Ohio State/Michigan State struggles.In 2016, they won the Big Ten Championship by beating Ohio State on a blocked last-minute field goal. Since then, however, they have never been able to replicate that success.

Last year, Penn State won the Rose Bowl with an 11-2 record, but they lost twice to Michigan State and Ohio State. This season, the Daytona Lions started off strong, winning their first six games and coming off a win against Ohio State. They had a nice battle with the Sevens, but ultimately lost.

James Franklin Responds to Fan Criticism as Penn State Loses to Michigan State

With a win over Michigan State, Penn State still has a shot at the Big Ten Championship Game and the College Football Playoff. However, Michigan beat Penn State on Saturday and to add insult to injury, they did so without Jim Harbaugh and did not attempt a pass after 7:30 of the second quarter.

Penn State fans weren’t happy after the loss, and head coach James Franklin had a message for them.

“I think I’ve talked about it in the past in 2016, and as you all know, we came here during a tough time, a challenging time,” Franklin said, according to an article in Basic Blues Nation.” I think that was actually the first year that we got out of sanctions and got back on full scholarship, so that was a different time. At this point in my career, I’m much more callous, and between you guys and my wife, I’m much thicker skinned, and I don’t really get involved in that type of thing. I control what I can control. And not those other things.

There’s no doubt that Penn State’s program is better than it was when Franklin first arrived, but the fans still want more, and Franklin knows they need to play against top teams.

“At the end of the day,” Franklin continued, “we need to play well, and we need to play well against our toughest opponents.” That’s the reality. We welcome that. That’s what comes with coming to a place like Penn State as coaches and players. We understand the benefits and the challenges that come with it. You either embrace it or you don’t come to a place like Penn State. I guess I’m talking about one thing here. It comes down to action and production.” He then reiterated.” It’s about playing well. We lost to two of the best teams in college football that happen to be on the same side of our league. We recognize that. We recognize that. So, I understand that. I’m happy to sit here and say something, but I think at the end of the day, it’s the actions that count.”

If Penn State wants to realize their full potential, they need to find a way to overcome the Ohio State/Michigan dilemma.

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