Jiading District promoted the deep and practical of party discipline learning and education with "three persistence"

The party organizations at all levels of Jiading District have compacted the main responsibilities, adhered to the “three focus”, classified classification, and taught according to their aptitude to ensure that party discipline learning and education “have no blind spots”.Focus on “critical minority”.District Party Committee Standing CommitteeAdhere to the front, make an example, clarify the focus of learning and goals, and form specific arrangements for personal self -study, special study seminars, central group learning, organizing reading classes, and conducting warning education.Driven by the demonstration of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, all units in the district have formulated implementation plans in accordance with the actual situation, simultaneously planning and formulating the study and education arrangements for leadership teams.Focus on “critical groups”.Xu XingzhenMove the party’s lecture and study discussion into the party and mass service position of the park, facing the “two new” party organization secretary and the party members of the park.It is necessary to take the learning of party discipline as the actual action of inheriting the red gene and the continuous red blood.Jiading Town StreetActively use party and mass service positions to combine online and offline ways to allow mobile party members to organize party discipline learning nearby.At the same time, party members of retired cadres and employees are organized to carry out learning and education in the form of pairing and mutual assistance and school -door door -to -door. In particular, party members who are old and weak and have inconvenient actions will integrate party discipline learning and education into daily life in the form of condolences.Focus on “critical positions”.Huating TownFor newly appointed cadres, newly -owned cadres, newly -developed party members, new party activists, and new party activists and disciplinary inspection members to carry out the special activities of party style and clean government education.Through the issuance of newly revised the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China, carry out collective conversations of party style and clean government, organize watching warning education films, and conduct integrity knowledge testing.EssenceZhenxin StreetOrganize party members and cadres such as disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres, officials of the organs, and party organizations directly under the enterprise and institution, and other party members and cadres to Shanghai Beixinyi Prison to carry out “immersive” warning education., Can’t rot, don’t want to rot “ideological line.

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