NBA: These four players could have reached 40,000 points if they wanted to

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The NBA is a business league, and teams are not always driven by winning championships. Making money is their main goal. Look at the New York Knicks, who have difficulty making it to the playoffs, but they earn huge revenues every year. To optimize their profits, teams often trade players without remorse. You could be playing for one team one minute and get notified that you have been traded away the next minute. That’s how ruthless NBA competition can be. But there are four players who could have reached 40,000 points if they wanted to, and their teams would not trade them away unless they wanted to leave themselves. Today we will find out who these four stars are.

Abdul-Jabbar retired with 38,387 points, which was very close to 40,000 points. He had a very long peak period, especially when he developed his reliable skyhook technique in his later years, scoring was not difficult for him. Although Abdul-Jabbar retired at 42 years old, he was not unable to play. If he really wanted to get 40,000 points, he could endure two more years of playing time and be willing to be a backup or a fake starter. Scoring 1,000 points in a season was not hard for him. According to his stats, playing for two more years would have made 40,000 points very possible.

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NBA: These four players could have reached 40,000 points if they wanted to

The second one is Jordan! He won 10 scoring titles in his career and averaged 30 points per game. Scoring was as easy as drinking water for him. Jordan’s final score was 32,292 points, which seemed far from 40,000 points. But as we all know, he retired for two years during the peak of his career. If he played seriously for 18 years, getting another 8,000 points would not be a problem for him. He could score 2,000 points in a season with his eyes closed at his peak and even got 3,000 points once if he pushed himself harder. It was because he achieved three consecutive championships so early that he had much less desire for stats. To sum up, he was too strong and had no rivals; he had no intention of chasing points.

The last one is Chamberlain, who was more like playing games in the NBA. He was totally focused on the court and only a playboy off the court. He just treated playing in the NBA as his job. His scoring in his early years was exaggerated; he scored 100 points in a single game and averaged 50.4 points in a single season. Scoring was too easy for him. His 31,419 points were not his limit either; but if he was disciplined and more focused on the game, he would not have retired so early. For Chamberlain, playing for five more seasons would have easily given him 40,000 points.

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