On May 10, the National Food Expo will open in Jinan

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From May 10th to 12th, the 18th National Food Expo of CNFE2024 will be held at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center in Jinan.[Theme exhibition: AFWE2024 Asian Wine Exhibition and the 18th China (Shandong) International Wine Industry Expo, Chice2024 China Hot Pot Industry Chain Expo and 12th Qilu Hot Pot Festival]
The National Food Expo is held once a year.As a long -established industry brand event in China, the National Food Expo is based on the domestic consumption province -Shandong Province. It has always been a actual exhibition of actual effective industry exhibitions for wine and food companies to develop East China and even the national market.
At present, as the exhibition period is approaching, what are the highlights of the 18th National Food Expo, let us see it first.
Multi -category wine products meet the needs of diversified selection
As an important part of the 18th National Food Expo, wine products also formed a major theme exhibition of the exhibition -AFWE2024 Asian Wine Exhibition and 18th China (Shandong) International Wine Expo (hereinafter referred to as 2024 Asian wineExhibition and 18th Shandong Wine Expo).
As a domestic professional wine exhibition platform, the 2024 Asian Wine Show and the 18th Shandong Wine Expo will bring together different category of alcohol products from home and abroad. In addition to traditional white wine products, domestic and foreign wines and imported martyrsOutside of wine, new wine and other wine products will also be displayed at the current exhibition site to meet the diversified wine consumption needs and bring more diverse selection space to dealers.
Healthy food and quality food adapt to the new trend of consumption now
At present, with the awakening of consumers’ awareness of health consumption, consumers are more willing to pay for health.At the same time, the rapid spread of quality consumption is also an important impact on consumers’ concept of food consumption.
At the 18th National Food Fair, a group of high -quality specialties in healthy foods and different places will bring more new choices for professional audiences.
In addition, casual foods will also be a highlight of this exhibition.A large number of cost -effective casual foods will be concentrated at the exhibition site, bringing more high -quality products with large profit margins and high quality to dealers.
A wide variety of beverages help dealers to win the upcoming consumption peak consumption season
With the rise of temperature, drinks are about to usher in the market consumption.At this exhibition, there will be different brands and unique dairy drinks, functional beverages, juice drinks, carbonated beverages, tea beverages, drinking water, etc. at the exhibition site.Discussion and cooperation with professional audiences on the spot.
Hot pot catering will ignite May passion
As the first category of Chinese food and beverage, hot pot is spread all over the streets.Hotpot restaurants with different styles and different themes are enthusiastic food punching places for consumers.
The Qilu Hotpot Festival is the first hotpot professional exhibition in China, which is a large -scale effective hot pot professional exhibition in North China and UFI certified by the Global Exhibition Industry Association. It has always been a good platform for exchanges and cooperation between hot pot catering industry practitioners.
At the 12th Qilu Hotpot Festival, the hotpot catering supply chain brand and the hot pot catering franchise brand from all over the country will gather at the exhibition site to dedicate a feast for hot pot catering selection for the hot pot industry.
In addition, the exhibition site will also hold a variety of live activities such as competitions, forums to further enhance the richness of the exhibition.
On May 10-12, let’s meet with Quancheng Jinan, and meet the 18th National Food Expo.

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