Provide scientific family education guidance services, be alert to "wild" educational experts to mistaken for children

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(Author Li Yiling, special commentator of Litchi News, youth current affairs commentators; this article is an exclusive draft of Litchi News client, lychee network, please indicate the source.)

Let the boy smash his beloved hand -made hand, let the girl throw all their toy comic books into the trash, install and monitor in the boy’s room … Recently, the video released by the social media account “Zhao Juying Family Education” causeddispute.Some netizens questioned, which is educational, which is simply bullying. “It is a kind of humiliating education for public execution”, and some professionals have proposed that such “wild” experts have ruined their childhood.

He claimed to be “33 -year senior family education experts”, “33 -year senior Chinese master”, and “more than 1,000 speeches around the country”, there is a “150 -year -old English world masterpiece, 7 -year -old is proficient in four languages”Son, looks professional and authoritative.But in fact, its resume and qualifications are full of doubt.For example, some netizens picked it out, Zhao Juying repeatedly called him “not English” in his writing, but obtained a certificate from many English countries.She claims to be a dual lecturer in the Certified Family School of the Certificate of Factory of the United States.Is this a real expert, or “pseudo -expert” and “wild experts” packaged?Everyone can get their own answers.At present, the staff of the Education Bureau of Jiayuguan City in Gansu responded that Zhao Juying retired from a primary school in the city in 2023. The Education Bureau will intervene in the investigation in response to the issues reflected by netizens.I believe that soon, the painting of “senior” experts will be revealed.

Let the minors appear in public, or let the child destroy what they like, punish and humiliate, or instill the child’s concept of “not going to high school, young man, you will be over in your life”.Its backward educating concept, simple and rude way, is stunning. It may cause the mental damage to the child, and it is even more difficult to estimate.

It is understood that the relevant videos were co -published by “Zhao Juying Family Education”, “Home Visit China” and “Zhao Juying Chat Education”. The number of fans in the latter two accounts was relatively large. There were more than 300,000 fans in their accounts, and there were many audiences.And opening various short video platforms will find that similar experts are abound. Family education guidance has become an unusually prosperous content creation track.It cannot be denied that there are many real experts who are committed to spreading scientific family education concepts and methods, but more may be self -proclaimed “wild” experts.The content production of ecological and sediment, the quality of the content is uneven. The “wild” experts may provide parents that may not be the correct educational method and concept, but the “poison” of family education.

In recent years, the cooperation of home schools has become a hot word. With the introduction of the Family Education Promotion Law, family education has also risen from “family affairs” to “state affairs”, which has received unprecedented attention.Parents also pay more and more attention to the improvement of their own family education knowledge and concepts.It is in this context that the demand for family education guidance is strong and promotes the prosperity of the family education guidance track of the content platform.

Family education is a science, with strong professionalism, and not everyone can become a family education expert.From the perspective of the “wild” educational experts, the family education concepts and methods that convey the wrong family education to parents and society not only cannot improve the scientific nature of family education, but may lower the level of family education throughout the society and harm children’s physical and mental health., And run counter to the goal of forming a good ecology with the formation of home schools.

This phenomenon also reminds us that it is not only to be alert to “wild” experts to mistakenize their children, but also to strengthen content supervision and qualification review of content producers from the level of the content platform, and prevent these wild experts from being deceived on the platform.It is also important to improve the ability to identify parental groups, but there is also a paradox in it.That is, the reason why parents have to obtain family education from the Internet are precisely because they do not have the concepts and methods of science, and they cannot distinguish the concepts and methods correctly, scientific or not.Therefore, it is not necessary to avoid being misled by the parents’ own screening and screening ability.

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