Scientific and technological innovation is "empowerment" for new productive forces

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Reform is related to the National Games and the future of innovation.In 2024, the Government Work Report of the State Council proposed: “Vigorously promote the construction of the modern industrial system and accelerate the development of new productive productivity. Give full play to the leading role of innovation, promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the promotion of new industrialization, improve the full factor productivity, continuously shape the development of new kinetic energyNew advantages to promote social productivity to achieve a new leap. “As early as 2016, the” Outline of the National Innovation Driven Development Strategy “issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council has clearly proposed to build a three -step strategic goal of innovating a national three -step strategic goal, that is, by 2020, by 2020Entering the ranks of innovative countries, among the forefront of innovative countries by 2035, and becoming 100 years in New China, it will become a world science and technology power.Faced with such a great goal and historical mission, we need to strive for more courage and perseverance, so that independent research and development and independent innovation have become a high consensus for the development of Chinese society.

Strengthen the construction of the national innovation system and cultivate new productive for development and development

In January 2024, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the eleventh collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: “Scientific and technological innovation can give birth to new industries, new models, and new momentum.It is original and subversive scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the realization of high -level technological independence and self -reliance, fight key core technology tackling battles, make the achievements of original and subversive scientific and technological innovation compete, and cultivate new kinetic energy of new productivity. “

Since its establishment, China’s national innovation system has gone through four stages: the establishment of various stages of scientific research institutes, the implementation of the national science and technology plan stage, the stage of technological innovation engineering, and the national innovation system.In the first stage, China’s scientific and technological innovation is a special symbol of the development of various research institutions and focusing on major military issues such as national security. The development of the “two bombs and one star” is an important symbol.At this time, the national innovation model is the “government -led”. The power of innovation comes from the government’s instructions. The interests do not directly depend on their realistic results, and of course they do not bear any risks and responsibilities of innovation failure.The second phase of the scientific and technological innovation model is the planning of the plan. The state has introduced a series of plans, including the national key science and technology research plan, high -tech development plan (863 plan), torch plan, star fire plan, major results promotion plan, national natural science scienceScientific and technological plans such as funds lead the direction of national scientific and technological innovation.The third stage is that after 1995, the establishment of the reform goals of the socialist market economy system has brought about major changes to the macro management system of scientific and technological innovation. Enterprise innovation is included in the construction of the national innovation system, and the commercialization and market of scientific and technological achievements began to pay attention tochange.In 1996, the state launched the “Technical Innovation Engineering”, focusing on improving the technological innovation capabilities of enterprises.In 1997, the Chinese Academy of Sciences submitted a report on “Welcome to the era of knowledge economy and building a national innovation system”, which proposed the construction of national innovation systems for the knowledge economy era, including knowledge innovation systems, technological innovation systems, knowledge communication systems and knowledge applications.The system has been highly valued by national leaders.The fourth stage is at the National Science and Technology Conference held in January 2006. The “Outline of the National Medium- and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)” released by the State Council clearly states: “Give full play to the basic role of the market allocation of resources, the social system that is closely related to and effective interaction of various scientific and technological innovation subjects. “The main body forms a well -interactive, interactive mechanism, and forms a continuous innovation momentum to fundamentally construct the national superior scientific and technological innovation capabilities.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has adhered to innovation as the first driving force to lead development, placing scientific and technological innovation at the core of the country’s overall development, and constantly promoting the planned strategy of my country’s science and technology. Accelerate development under the overall planning.Today, scientific and technological innovation is not only the core element of developing new quality productivity, but also the key to determining the existence of the country and future development.Whether to have strong technological innovation ability and strength determines whether a country has strong international competitiveness and world influence.

The foundation of the development of strong solid technology and accelerate the development of new quality productivity

Strengthen the cultivation of enterprise innovation subjects.The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out: “Strengthen the status of corporate scientific and technological innovation, give full play to the role of scientific and technological backbone enterprises to lead the support, create a good environment that is conducive to the growth of small, medium and micro enterprises, and promote the deep integration of the talent chain of the capital chain of the innovation chain industry chain.”This important exposition clarifies the strategic significance of strengthening the status of corporate scientific and technological innovation.From 2012 to 2022, my country’s enterprise technology investment accounted for more than 76%of the total social R & D investment. 100%of manufacturing companies.The number of high -tech enterprises across the country has increased from 49,000 more than ten years ago to 330,000 in 2021. The tax payment has increased from 1.8 trillion yuan in 2012 to 2.3 trillion yuan in 2021.Among the companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Board and the Beijing Stock Exchange, high -tech enterprises accounted for more than 90%, providing startups with support and assistance in venues, funds, and technology, Speed up the development of high -tech enterprises.

At present, my country’s enterprise technology has continued to maintain a high -speed growth in research and development and quantity, indicating that the status of my country’s enterprise technology innovation subject is increasing, and innovation has become the first driving force for enterprise development.The “Global Enterprise Innovation Index 2023” report in October 2023 shows that the scientific research strength of 6 Chinese companies including Huawei, State Grid, China Electronic Technology Group, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu has entered the top 20 in the world, the State Grid and the State Grid and the State GridHuawei’s technological innovation ability is particularly prominent.In the field of new energy, 7 companies in China have entered the top 100, and the State Power Grid, Huawei and OPPO are at the leading level in the world; and Huawei has a comprehensive ranking of four industries: new energy, advanced manufacturing, new materials and new generation of information technology.It also entered the top 10 in the world, ranking 5th, 8th, 6th, and 2nd.Obviously, in the system coordination of Chinese enterprises in the system coordination of innovation, innovation environment and innovation mechanism, has “gathered into the sand into a tower”. In the construction of the national innovation system, a strong enterprise and strong country from independent innovation to independent creation are taken.Productivity provides important guarantees.

Activate the vitality of talent innovation and creation.With the in -depth advancement of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, the influence of scientific and technological innovation on the competition of large powers has further increased, and top talents, leaders, and innovative talents have become the key force of the wrestling of great powers.China is a big science and technology country, a talent, and a large market country, but the scale of high -precision talents is not matched with the quality and the status of the great country.The lack of innovative talents is closely related.The essence of innovation is the release of talent creativity.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “To increase support for basic research talents, cultivate strategic scientists, support young scientific and technological talents to pick up beams, take charge of heavy responsibility, actively introduce outstanding overseas talents, continuously strengthen the team of science and technology leaders and first -class innovation teams “In the future, according to the new trend of scientific and technological development, the construction of my country’s talent team will change from heavy scale, heavy quality, weight to heavy level, quality, and contribution. Matching, global competitive talent selection, cultivation and development system.

Deepen the reform of the science and technology system and mechanism.In the context of the innovation -driven development strategy, the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee will first improve the scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism into adherence to and improve the category of the basic socialist economic system of my country, which has great theoretical and practical significance.The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee clearly proposed to improve the new national system under the conditions of socialist market economy.In his speech, General Secretary Xi Jinping explicitly pointed out: “It is necessary to improve the new national system under the conditions of socialist market economy, and give full play to the role of the country as a major scientific and technological innovation organizer, and support strategic science with long periodic, high risks, high difficulty, and good prospects.Planning and scientific engineering, grasping system layout, system organization, cross -border integration, and twisting the government, market, society and other aspects into a rope to form a overall advantage in the future. “This shows that the construction and innovation of mechanisms are overall innovation as a wholeThe fundamental guarantee, only scientific and perfect innovation mechanisms and systems can the restraint of independent innovation can effectively promote the deep integration of science and technology and society and stimulate the creative potential of talents.For example, carrying out basic research is the fundamental path to realize high -level technology self -reliance and build a world science and technology power.Basic research is the source of the entire scientific system. It is a header of all technical issues. It has a pivotal role in promoting cutting -edge technology breakthroughs and promoting innovation and diffusion of technology.At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform have developed in depth, accelerated the integration of scientific, technological and economic and social development, and the transformation cycle of basic research has been significantly shortened, and the basic frontier has become the focus of international science and technology competition.At present, my country has formulated a package of action plans from many aspects such as talent, funds, platform construction to management plans, working principles, and international cooperation in strengthening basic scientific research.Efforts to build and improve the construction of scientific and technological innovation mechanisms are essential for changing national innovation ecology and accelerating the development of new quality productivity.

Comprehensively improve the ability of independent innovation, and cultivate new kinetic energy for new quality and productivity development

New productive productivity is an advanced productivity state with high -tech, high -efficiency, high -quality, and high -quality characteristics.In the 21st century, the focus of scientific and technological competition has continued to move forward. The role of primitive innovation, key technological innovation and system integration has become increasingly prominent. Among them, the original innovation ability has become the core of scientific and technological competition between the country, and it has also become the status of the division of labor and the global economic pattern of the international industry.Decisive factor.The new kinetic energy of the development of new quality and development of new productive productivity can be focused on the following aspects.

Accelerate the gathering of the core elements of science and technology and the development of industrialization.In the end, scientific research and technological innovation are a systematic project. The integration of scientific and technological innovation elements is the prerequisite for forming the core competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation.They include not only physical elements such as capital, land, labor, technology and data, but also virtual elements such as scientific innovation and value concepts.The premise of enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises is the gathering and integration of various technological innovation elements, especially the gathering and integration of core scientific and technological innovation elements.Sustainable development, including maintaining innovative vitality, stable research and development teams, and timely adjustment based on market changes at any time, anywhere, and so on.As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Integrate scientific and technological innovation resources, lead the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries, and accelerate the formation of new productivity. It is necessaryHigh -quality development, accelerate the upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, give full play to the role of incremental aggregate of scientific and technological innovation, comprehensively improve three industries, and continuously optimize the economic structure and adjust the industrial structure. “

Scientifically coordinated key core technologies.Since the establishment of New China, large -scale scientific and technological innovation projects generally need to widely mobilize multiple national economic production departments and professional and technical departments for collaborative cooperation.The national system has a strategic concentration of advantageous forces, with the main goal of overcome major projects or complete important tasks. A series of technological innovation projects such as “two bombs and one star” and nuclear submarines have been successful under extremely difficult conditions.Major specialty special projects such as “Chang’e” running the moon, “Zhu Rong” to explore fire, “羲 和” day by day, the “Struggler” 10,000 meters deep dive, “Fuxing” galloping Shenzhou, quantum information, stem cells, brain science and other cutting -edge directionsMajor breakthroughs are closely linked to the advantages of the new national system.This system not only exerts the significant advantage of my country’s socialist system that can concentrate its strengths, strengthen the leadership of the party and the country for major scientific and technological innovation, but also give full play to the role of market mechanisms. Focusing on national strategic needs, optimize allocation of innovation resources, strengthen national strategic technology technology Power has greatly enhanced the ability of science and technology research, forming a competitive advantage in several important areas, and winning strategic initiative.

Expand high levels of opening up and deepen international exchanges and cooperation in the science and technology field.At present, international science and technology cooperation faces the impact and challenges of a few national unilateralism and protectionism.To solve the problem of common development, humans need international cooperation and open sharing more than ever before. No country can become an independent innovation center or exclusive innovation results.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “It is necessary to expand the high level of opening up and create a good international environment for the development of new productivity.” In the new journey, we must use scientific and technological innovation to empower new productivity, participate in global innovation governance with high -quality development, and strive to work hard.A new breakthrough in primitive innovation has achieved leapfrog development in important science and technology fields, independent and controllable in key core technologies, with high -level technology self -reliance and self -reliance to promote modern Chinese -style modernization, making contributions to the world’s strength.

(The author is a professor and blog director of the School of Public Management of the University of Electronic Science and Technology)


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