Scientists are trying to use the power of the sun to enlarge the radio in order to establish communication with overseas civilization

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Because the intensity of electromagnetic signals is insignificant in the distant sky, and there are various electromagnetic waves in the universe -the so -called “spatial noise” interference, it is almost impossible to directly send electromagnetic waves to establish a celestial body communication.

Therefore, I can only find a way to enlarge the electromagnetic waves to get in touch. I can’t remember how this amplifier broadcast in “Three Body” is described, but there is a very scientific method in the real world that can indeed use the power of the sun to enhance the electromagnetic waves.And there is a chance to achieve two million communication error rates in the two -point communication transmission between the interstellar.

So, how is this achieved, what is the role of the sun?

This is actually the effect of using the gravity lens of the sun.

We know that the glass filled with water will distort the light behind or inside the glass; in the photography lens, if it is not corrected, the image will bend and look unreal.

In short, if the light passes through a optical lens, it will not walk the previous straight line. In fact, the gravity also has such a effect -to be precise, large -quality celestial bodies can achieve this effect.

When the light passes around the large -quality celestial body, it will be twisted (the celestial body quality hours can be ignored), just like the light passes through the lens, so this phenomenon is called a gravity lens.

The reason why we had to add a modification to the effect caused by the gravity later, it was caused by a large -quality celestial body. It is well known that there is no quality alone, so how can gravity distort it?

Space -time distortions diagram MySID

In fact, the answer is very simple. There is no gravity at all. Gravity is just what we feel or imagined by our own feelings. The reason for the twisted light is that the quality of the celestial body causes the space to distort, so even if there is no quality light, it is distorted because it passes through it after it passes throughTwisting space.

This is exactly what Einstein’s general theory tries to tell us, but in factGravity lens is the first direct evidence of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Of course, gravitational waves have once again proved that Einstein is correct.

Gravity lens phenomenon allows us to see the celestial bodies behind large quality celestial bodies. If these celestial bodies do not have the role of gravitational lens, we cannot see it at all with our existing technology.

As for what we see, it depends on the distortion of the lens on light -mainly is the quality of large quality celestial bodies, and the distribution it it is with the imaging celestial (light source) and observer.

When we observe on the earth, the position of the observer is fixed, then the image is naturally determined to depend on the lens and light source.

Space -time distortions diagram MySID

Figure: Einstein ring

Here is an interesting phenomenon, which isWhen the lens and the target light source are almost perfect, a ring can be seen on the earth, which is called the Einstein ring.

Figure: This picture is very good gravitational lens leads to distorted imagination, but enlarged the background galaxy (AI translation)

Of course, gravitational lens will amplify the goal in a sense -the effect that will be focused on a little bit after distorted, just like the effect of optical lens.

However, unlike the optical lens, the light of the gravitational lens will not be divergent after the focus (you can try the optical lens focusing with convex lenses, and the light is divergent).It means that every point after the focus is the focus of gravitational lens.

It can be said that gravitational lens is an important “tool” for us to observe the universe, but what does this have to do with the sun?What does it have to do with communication?

Picture source: NASA AMES/SETI Institute/JPL-CALTECH

In fact, the gravitational lens will not only distort the light, but the electromagnetic waves of any wavelength, including radio waves, will distort in the same way, which means that radio waves will also be amplified.

The quality of the sun is already large enough. It is enough to distort the space to make ourselves a “lens”, which means that we can directly use the sun’s gravitational lens to do a lot of things, including enhancing the radio waves we launched.

Therefore, some scientists believe that the sun is the best “communication equipment” of human beings.

However, it is not easy to use this “communication equipment”. First of all, the first point isWe must send and receive signals outside the focus.

The focus is the place where the light is focused on the lens after the sun’s gravitational lens. How long is this distance?

In fact, there are formulas to calculate,For the sun, the shortest distance is 550AU -550 times the distance from the earth to the sun. This distance is 14 times that of Pluto Star and the Sun distance of the old solar system.

It is not easy to send radio equipment to this distance to this existing technology, and it takes a long time to reach that position to reach that position.

but,As early as 1992, some people had proposed the FOCAL mission (focus task), trying to send the detector to the gravitational lens focus of the sun, and to prepare for funds.

One more thing to mention here is that the corona of the sun will interfere with electromagnetic waves, but this effect will decrease with distance.

We mentioned earlier that the imaging of the gravitational lens will not diverge after the focus. This is a good news, but it is more difficult to send the device to a farther place.

However, using the sun as a means to enhance communication is an important means for future deep space exploration, and may even be the only means.

Deep space communication schematic diagram, source source: Claudio Maccone

In addition, some scholars go through their own settlement,If the focus of the half -man horses α star (that is, the South Gate II, which is larger than the sun) in the nearest star system is also placed in the focus of communication equipment, then these two points (Sun and Half -Hemaza α star) communication can be achieved.The error rate is only one -millionth, and the launch power is also amazing -only one tenth of the tile.

at last

We are now trying to use the sun as a communication device, so does it mean that the civilization that is more advanced than us is doing this?

In fact, most scientists agree with this. As long as civilization develops to a certain degree, curiosity and driving demand are driven, civilization will allow civilization to build such communication equipment.

Therefore, although we are still in our minds now, we are likely that other civilizations have placed equipment at the focus of our stars.

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