Student sports add weapon, AI sports equipment appeared at Henan Education Equipment Expo

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From May 17th to 19th, the 6th Henan Provincial Education Equipment Expo and the results exhibition of colleges and universities were held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

This expo shows 60,000 square meters, and has established six major exhibition areas including digital education, preschool education, school uniforms, and research travel and labor education.The reporter saw at the scene that from the student dormitory bed, to the various equipment of the school laboratory, and then to the auxiliary equipment such as robots.

In terms of sports equipment, there are both traditional balls, running and other equipment, as well as scientific and technological equipment such as physical health evaluation and sports monitoring.

Among them, the “Xinhua Tianheng” AI intelligent physical health monitoring series equipment and the “student physical health monitoring big data platform” of the “Xinhua Tianheng” of Zhongyuan Publishing Media Group attracted the attention of sports teachers and sports enthusiasts.This equipment can generate a “life of one life” through exercise monitoring, providing personalized and scientific sports prescriptions and teaching analysis guidance.

Taking the leading body as an example, the device can automatically detect illegal actions such as backhand grip bars and unprepared rods.After the test, you can also play the test video, like an AI sports teacher.

Zhao Yilin, the principal of the Foreign Language Primary School of Guancheng Hui District, said: “Intelligent sports equipment can help teachers and students to conduct more scientific sports training, and also increase the fun of physical exercise and make students fall in love with sports.”

Wu Qiang, Secretary -General of the Henan Education Equipment Industry Association, said that the smart sports industry is currently in the initial stage, and companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have done a lot. As far as local companies in Henan are concerned, they can make such intelligence by independent research and development.Hua sports equipment and integrated smart sports education services. Xinhua Tianheng is the first one.

According to reports, this expo was co -organized by Henan Education Equipment Industry Association and Henan Higher Education Society. The theme of “Digital Leading Innovation and Development” is the theme.The remaining parts, comprehensively demonstrate the education equipment and services required by preschool education, basic education, vocational education, special education and higher education, covering the entire industry chain of education.

The Expo will also carry out a series of theme activities, including educational digitalization and “future campus” exchange activities, high -quality development seminar for research travel labor education, primary and secondary school kindergarten self -made teaching (play) selection activities, school uniform design contests, school uniform release shows, etc.Theme activity.

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