"Sweet Town" take a good tour: Let the villagers earn money at the door of the house

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Beautiful Buhua Village.Huang Chengcheng Photo

Visitors experience the craftsmanship of handmade brown sugar in the scenic area.Wei Fanglan Photo

“Every holiday, all the 60 homestays are reservations!” Said Zhou Zhenxi, the manager of the operating manager of Yimuji, Jiangzhou District, Chongzuo City, Chongzuo City, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.A few years ago, after inspection, Zhou Zhenxi decided to join for several domestic homestays in China to settle in Xinhe Town to build the first homestay cluster in Guangxi.From zero starting planning, design, and construction, no one has been asked about sugar cane land, and now he has transformed into a high -end homestay cluster with its own traffic.

Xinhe Town is the “Sweet Town” in China. It is named after the production of sugar cane. The town has a population of 30,000, and the per capita sugarcane output is more than 40 tons.The development and growth of the Nomo Ji is a microcosm of the development of the “Sweet Town” tourism industry.

The old appearance of the village changes the new face

Entering Xinhe Town Buhua Village, Zhuangjin Wall, Micro Cai Garden, micro -garden, and special homestays. The rural beauty is refreshing.Walking, taking boats, chatting, leisurely, taking pictures, 徜, people enjoy the green mountains and green water of the countryside, and experience the unique folk cultural charm.

In June 2019, Jiangzhou District was included in the demonstration county (district) of the Guangxi across the country.”We take this as an opportunity to carry out three years of rural style improvement, through the leadership of the branch, the leadership of the party members, the help of the villagers, and the participation of the masses, and actively promote the” Sanqing San Demolition “environmental improvement work to make the village beautiful.” XinheChen Weifeng, Secretary of the Town Party Committee.Among them, the Black Water River Basin’s rural revitalization features enhanced the demonstration zone of 23 kilometers in length and involved 16 villages.

“At the beginning, the difficulties were heavy, and the masses did not understand or not trust or support. The demolition work was in a deadlock.” Chen Weifeng said.In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses, the old secretary of the Buhua Village Tang Jusheng took the lead in cleaning up his old beef fences, pork pigurizers, biogas gas pools, etc.Everyone also followed the action, “Follow the secretary, there is a head!” Said the villager Chen Bao.

Driven by the Village Party Branch and Party members, in less than a month, more than 970 miscellaneous houses were demolished by Buhua Village, and the appearance was completed in less than half a year.

Each village guides the masses to promote the people of rural toilets, garbage, and sewage through the integration of the general branch of the party branch, party and mass council, villagers ‘group meetings, and villagers’ group meetings, and villagers.”The garbage is scraped by the wind, the sewage is evaporated, the home is modern, and the viscera is not bad.”

Today, 16 villages on the Heishui River have completed the transformation from the “dirty and messy” villages to the “Internet celebrity punching place”.”Many foreign tourists come to visit every day, and they are envious of our happy life.” Said Liu Xinmin, a villager of Xinhe Xincun.

Create a leisure resort

The environment has become better, the village is beautiful, and the locals have turned their attention to the development of tourism.

Xinhe Town is located on the “Detian -Huashan” rural tourist route and “Chongzuo -Daxin -De Tian” China -Vietnam border tourist route.The beautiful Heishui River runs through the town and has formed a number of natural waters. It is known as the “landscape gallery” and “Xanadu”.

“We have decided to use the advantages of characteristic resource to build a new and tourist resort.” Zhang Ling, director of the Jiangzhou District Cultural Tourism Bureau, said that the resort is planned in accordance with the “Belt, One Island, Yishan, Yishan, Yipo”.The “Belt” is the demonstration zone of the rural revitalization, the “one island” is Ruyi Island, the “Yisu” is the Yosuji, the “Yishan” is the drifting mountain, the “one slope” is a dazed slope, promoting sweet vacation, sweet countryside, sweetness, sweetnessThe integrated development of sugar industry.

In the new and tourist resort, rural resort projects with the theme of “sweetness” have been carried out.Sweet Hotel, 1,000 “courtyard” hopes -Daiyuan, Buhua B & B, Ruyi Island Scenic Area, Yoshimu, Longteng Drifting, Water Shilin Secret Bamboo Railway Tour Project are put into operation, crossing Yunshanju · Puppet Po B & B, B & B, B & B, B & B.Projects such as folk culture and cultural streets have been accelerated; rural cultural tourism projects such as Binhe style ring, Buhua Farming Experience Park, Ancient French brown sugar workshop, and sweet camping base have been implemented …

According to Li Honglan, the head of Jiangzhou District, the district attaches great importance to the development of the homestay industry, established a leading group for the development of the homestay industry, and organized many times to investigate the developed areas of the homestay industry.Has good policy guarantee and financial support, and promoted the booming development of the homestay industry.

Up to now, Jiangzhou District has deployed 6 homestay industrial projects around the development of the new and tourist resort, including 4 of them and 7 homestay brands; 2 are about to be completed.After the project is completed, 334 rooms can be provided, with a annual reception of 120,000 tourists, an annual operating income of 67 million yuan, and providing more than 330 jobs, directly or indirectly driving about 1,000 employment.

“Every homestay here has different styles, but also harmoniously integrates into the community. The homestay and the countryside are interesting, pushing the window, like a landscape picture.” Said Guo Chunli, a tourist from Shanghai.

Let the villagers earn money at their doorstep

Relying on the natural environment of the original ecology and the reasonable planning of the tourism industry, in 2023, more than 1 million tourists received a total of more than 100 million tourists, and tourist revenue was more than 200 million yuan.

Farmers who once rely on “Pan Mud”, because of the development of the tourism industry, transformed into flower farmers, interpreters, cleaners, hotel staff, etc., not only sitting in a beautiful home, but also a stable and considerable income every year.

“Among the more than 100 employees of the company, 90%are local villagers.” Zhou Zhenxi said that in the Nomoji, the development of the tourism formats such as surrounding catering, transportation, and accommodation allowed villagers to make money at the doorstep.

“I am a cleaners in the hostel. I have a salary of 2,500 yuan per month, as well as land rents, dividends, and industrial awards, and earn more than 60,000 yuan a year.” Villager Zhao Yueqiu said.

“I originally worked in Nanning and returned to work now. The monthly salary was 3,000-5000 yuan. The treatment is not much different from Nanning, and it is close to home, which is convenient for the elderly.” The villager Zhao Yuanfeng said that the village developed the whole region tourism and did not worry about the homestay.Prospects.

Chen Jiancai and his lover of Guangtun’s villagers worked in Shenzhen before. Later, the development of tourism in their hometown became more and more popular. They chose to return to their hometown.”I am now a swimming pool administrator and coach. My lover has a small sales department. We have more than 5,000 yuan per month.” Chen Jiancai said.

Cai Xueguang, the leader of the villagers of the Buhutun villagers, said that more than half of the labor forces in the whole Tun has eaten “tourist rice”.Cross -sugar company migrant workers.”After a year, my family’s net income can reach more than 200,000 yuan.” Cai Xueguang said.

Cen Hanhua is the old man who lives alone in Buhua Tun. He lives at the age of 61 and lives in a three -story building.The house was clean and tidy, and the door was filled with flowers.In October 2021, in the village to develop a homestay project, he took the lead in signing up, free up three empty housing homes, and drove 8 nearby villagers to participate.”The decoration did not take a penny, the government jointly helped us to do it. We are responsible for service and cleaning. We have 80%of the income.” Cen Hanhua said happily.

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