The Federal Reserve’s "pigeon" sound is extraordinarily bright in the financial market.

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After the issuance of the Fed ’s interest rate resolution was released, the interest rate reduction bet was heating up again. The three major stock indexes of the US stock index paid a collective high collective.History in the creation of a record high.The decline has intensified, and non -US currencies such as the euro and pounds have risen.The significant rise, the early market on the 21st hit a historical high of $ 2222/ounce.

The three major indexes of U.S. stocks have reached a record high.Large -scale technology stocks rose by more than 2%. Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta rose more than 1%, and Microsoft rose slightly.In terms of chips and servers, ARM rose more than 5%, Micron Technology, Core, and Gaocheng rose more than 2%, and Nvidia rose more than 1%.

Most of the popular stocks rose, and the Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index rose 1.85%.Jinshanyun rose over 16%, Wuxin Technology, Qifu Technology rose more than 7%, Tencent Music and iQiyi rose more than 5%, Bilibili, ideal car, VIPCEC, Pinduoduo increased more than 3%, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, richTu Holdings and rose about 2%, NetEase, Weibo, and Alibaba rose more than 1%.

In early December 2023, the spot golden market set a historical high of US $ 2148/ounce, which has been retracted since then.By the end of February 2024, gold continued to rise, and it rose to the level of 2190 on March 8.In the early morning of March 21, after the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate cut expectations increased, the spot gold exceeded $ 2,200, a record high in the market.

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