The first "Fireworks Jiangnan" tourist series of Qinghai Development Bank

Beijing News According to the “Qinghai -Tibet Railway” news, at 15:00 on March 18th, Y172/3 tourism columns in the direction of Xining to Liu’an, Huangshan, Nanjing, and Taizhou departed from Xining. More than 400 tourists were from Xining and Lanzhou Station respectively.Take this special line to start the trip to the South China flowers and enjoy the flowers.This is the first travelers in East China Railway Qinghai -Tibet Group Co., Ltd.’s first travelers.


The special line is the whole sleeper carriage, all of which adopt a four -person model.During the 11 -day journey, under the leadership of the tour guide, tourists will visit the daetian landform representatives -Xinghua Qianxing Scenic Area, the World Cultural Heritage -Yangzhou Slim Lake, Millennium Ancient Chada -Jinshan Temple, Cultural Famous Victory -Cuizi Temple and other 20A geographical representative attraction.


In order to make convenient tourists, the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Railway International Travel Service Co., Ltd. connects to various scenic spots and units along the way in advance, coordinate and open up group channels, provide special car connection services, and arrange special personnel to provide key links such as train medical guarantees, hot water supply and scenic dining, accommodation and other key links, etc.Strictly control and comprehensively improve the quality of tourism services.


In the future, the Qinghai -Tibet Group company plans to open up tourism routes such as Hong Kong and Macao Leisure Tour, Guangxi Landscape Tour, Guizhou Cultural Tour, Shandong -South Korea -South Korea’s cross -mirror tour to create more diverse tourism products.


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