The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued reminders: Pay attention to food safety during the flood season

Recently, Guangdong has fallen into heavy rains, and some areas are affected by natural disasters such as floods, and hidden dangers of food safety risks have increased.The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau released the precautions for food safety during the flood season to remind food manufacturers and consumers to prevent food safety risks:

I. Food production and operation enterprises must strictly implement the “daily control, weekly inspection, monthly dispatch” system, and timely clean up food raw materials such as moldy and deterioration, unknown causes, and unknown sources.Strengthen the health management of employees and urge employees to maintain personal hygiene.Strengthen environmental sanitation management, clean up disinfection catering in time, and prevent harmful biological pollution foods.

2. Food producers should strengthen the control of the production process, strengthen the risk management and control of all aspects of procurement, storage, use, and transportation, and pay attention to the problems of raw auxiliary materials, food additives, finished products, etc. due to improper storage, such as flooding, corruption and deterioration, etc., eliminating food safety to eliminate food safetyHidden dangers.

3. Food operators should take effective measures to prevent food pollution and prevent corruption and deterioration, dirty and unclean due to water flooding and soing, and other foods that do not meet food safety requirements.

Fourth, catering service operators should timely clean up moldy food raw materials, standardize processing and production behavior, so as to be cooked and separate, cook food and cook, and do not directly use surface water processing to make meals.

5. Online food sales and online food ordering third -party platforms should strengthen food safety protection in the delivery and storage process, and do not distribute contaminated foods.

6. The people in the affected areas should raise awareness of food safety, do not drink unclean water, do not buy ingredients with unknown sources, do not consume the cause of death, lively livestock and poultry, and expire with damp rice noodles., Corn, peanuts, etc.; Do not eat canned food or soacon (aluminum foil bag) and other foods such as damage, rising bags, fat listening, rust, etc., and sealed canned foods need to be cleaned after clean water.Foods over 24 hours of food should be checked for deterioration, and metamorphic ingredients should be discarded in time; processing meals should be cooked and cooked; do not eat wild mushrooms, wild vegetables, wild fruits, etc.Cause food poisoning.

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