The post -90s girls learned for 2 years of water wings to achieve "light exercise water drifting", saying that the speed of this movement can reach 15km / h

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Stepping on the wing wing plate, “light exercise water drift”.In recent years, the powerless wing movement has been loved by many young people by virtue of its difficulty in controlling difficulties, strong sporty stimulation, and challenging.

In mid -May, Hubei Province’s first powerless wing invitations were successfully held at the Wuhan East Lake Sailing Base. 56 athletes from 20 provinces (autonomous regions, cities) across the country were invited to participate in the game.Among them, Zou Panxi, a post -90s girl in Xiaogan, Hubei Xiaogan, has achieved many good results, including the first place in the 100 -meter bidding technology competition for the open group, and the personal total points of the public group, the women’s personal total points No. 1One.

Zou Panxi.Photo/Interviewee provided

On May 22, Zou Panxi said in an interview with the Jiupai news that playing water wings not only exercised her body, released the pressure of work, but also made her more disciplined and inspired her to continue to challenge herself.Explore this sport and strive to reach a larger field in the future.

Zou Panxi told Jiupai News that she was engaged in post photography in Wuhan and usually likes sports.Two years ago, after being invited by friends to try to play with the wing, she became interested in it.Since then, she has been used to watch videos teaching from foreign professional players, and has improved her skills in communicating and discussing with wing friends and 2-3 times a week.

Zou Panxi.Photo/Interviewee provided

According to the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, Shi Zhengxiang, chairman of the Hanyang District Swimming and Water Sports Association in Hanyang District, Wuhan City, said that the driving water wings movement is based on the principles of “Berunley” and fluid mechanics.The lift formed by the difference in water flow, combined with the power generated by the human body’s stepping on the plate, and the rapid slipping on the water surface is a emerging and fashionable water sports that has swept the world in recent years.

“You have to find a balance, you have to break the balance, and then you have to find the balance again.” Zou Panxi said that no motivation water wings movement is more challenging than other water sports, and the physical fitness, strength and balance of balance areThere are very high requirements. The “ceiling”, known as the water sports, could not persist on the wingspan for a few seconds at first, and it was a common thing to fall into the water.

Zou Panxi.Photo/Interviewee provided

However, when you can integrate with the wingspan under your feet, you can enjoy this sport to bring happiness. Zou Panxi said, “The speed of foreign wing athletes can reach 13-15 kilometers per hour, than to swimming than swimming.Fast with the paddle board. “

She reminded that the wing wing movement introduced from abroad can be regarded as the extreme movement. At present, there are not many domestic players. There are only more than 10 wing friends in Wuhan, and most of them are players with a certain exercise foundation. “Beginners are best to find.A more professional player accompanied, and at the same time wearing a good protective gear to ensure the stimulus when ensuring that he is safe. “

Jiupai News Intern reporter Li Siyi reporter Liang Xia

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