The social linkage of the school makes life education more effective

  According to media reports, through the school’s social linkage and the college of the college, the top ten series of courses covering eye protection, psychological health, dental love, sleep secrets, common accidental injuries, home life injury guidelines, etc.Primary school campus.This measure to send health and safety education resources to more primary and secondary school students is an innovative exploration of life education.

  Life safety and physical health are the basic needs of everyone. “Life first, health first” is also the basic social consensus and educational concept.In 2021, the “Guide to Entering the Primary and Middle School Curriculum Teaching Materials of Life Safety and Health Education” issued by the Ministry of Education proposed that “strive to achieve textbooks for life safety and health education into textbooks, classrooms, students’ minds, and arrangement arrangements in primary and secondary schools.More systematic, scientific, and more targeted, suitable, and practical. “In 2023, the seventeen departments including the Ministry of Education issued the “Special Action Plan for Comprehensively Strengthen and Improve Student Mental Health Work in the New Era (2023-2025)” to systematically strengthen students’ mental health.This year, the Ministry of Education also proposed to take the “students’ physical and mental health promotion year” as a traction to effectively improve the level of physical and mental health of students.

  The physical and mental health of the hospital’s social linkage escort students in Minhang District, Shanghai is a practical measure to implement the spirit of the Ministry of Education. It is also an important exploration of the content and path of innovating life education.From the perspective of life education, life safety and health can expand the scope and content of life safety and health from the three aspects of natural life, social life, and spiritual life.Specifically, natural life points to the body’s safety and health, including safety emergency and risk aversion, infectious disease prevention and public health incidents, reducing “small glasses” and “small fat pier”;Interpersonal communication and social adaptation, conflict treatment and resolution, reducing campus bullying, online fraud, mobile phone addiction, etc.; Psychological life points to the safety and health of psychological and values.Therefore, from the perspective of life education to interpret life safety and health education, it is necessary to build a content system that integrates knowledge and skills in multi -field.The hospital’s social linkage energy effectively integrates medical resources, educational resources and social resources, and builds a comprehensive, three -dimensional life safety and health education content system and service system, so that professional medical knowledge will enter the campus and consolidate with a variety of educational content.The foundation of safety and health.

  The social linkage of the school can exhibit the advantages of each exhibition, effectively enhance the joint efforts of educating people, and promote the comprehensive development of students.To give full play to the role of social social linkage, it is necessary to further explore and optimize the linkage mechanism.Relevant departments should study and understand the “Opinions on Improve the School Social Social Coordination and Education Mechanisms” issued by the 13 departments such as the Ministry of Education, and insist on educating people -oriented, government coordination, coordinated education, and problem -oriented.Give full play to the government’s overall coordination and coordination, focus on solving problems in system construction, resource docking, and conditional guarantee, improve the working mechanism and incentive mechanism, and enhance the scientific, targeted and effectiveness of collaborative education.The social linkage of the school also needs special manpower, material and financial support, and the cooperation of hospitals, schools and society.Relevant government departments should systematically plan and accurately implement policies to effectively protect the smoothness and enthusiasm of linkage.

  At the same time, we must strengthen professional support.Education has a strong professionalism. Relevant departments should carry out the theory and practice research of collaborative education. Based on the psychological characteristics and growth laws of students, they must explore the corresponding curriculum textbooks and teaching methods.When professionals outside the school give students class, students will have a sense of freshness and curiosity, but the knowledge foundation and cognitive characteristics of outside school may not be particularly familiar with the knowledge foundation and cognitive characteristics of students.It is fun to entertain and not to flow on the surface. The content of the taught is a professional supplement, which complements the content taught by the school to form an effective teaching system.

  The growth of life is a long -term process. Whether it is the teaching of knowledge and skills, or the cultivation of emotional attitude values, it needs to be persistent.The implementation of life education in the school cannot be a gust of gusts, cannot walk through the field, nor can it be intermittent due to the changes in the guarantee conditions. Instead, it should be done for a long time, do it, and continue to serve the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students.

  (The author is the executive vice president and secretary general of the Beijing Life Education Science Popularization Association)

  Author: Cao Duo

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