The tide review 丨 excitement sports solution "restarts the rivers and lakes", the sports middle school entrance examination should rely on the strength of the "artifact"

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Hu Xinhong, a special commentator of Chao News Client

At present, the national junior high school graduation sports examination is scheduled to be scheduled.The reporter’s investigation found that the excitement of the “Sports Testing Artifacts” such as “re -rivers and lakes”, such as the excitement of the “Sports Testing Artifacts”, and the information about students purchased on the Internet platform, and the sales of some online shopping platform related products reached tens of thousands of.(According to China Youth Network on April 17)

With the rise of sports status, the public’s attention to the test test of the middle school entrance examination has also increased.In the case where the overall distinction of the middle school entrance examination is not large, it can be described as “the key and each point must be scored.”In order to make children try to achieve good results in the physical test, some parents even summarize the trick of “wearing a hoodie to sit up and sit up and sit up can take a little cheap”, just because the hat pad can save a little effort behind the back.Under such group psychology, “artifacts” such as physical measurement shoes, functional beverages, nitrogen pumps, contraceptives, and other “artifacts” from time to time will stir up the nerves of parents from time to time.

In the arena, some high -tech sports equipment, etc. can indeed provide some help to professional athletes.However, considering that its increase is extremely limited, and the price is expensive, it doesn’t make much sense for ordinary people.Therefore, as long as it is a slightly common sense, you should know that it is definitely unreliable to rely on the so -called “physical examination artifact” to greatly improve sports performance.What’s more, some functional beverages and medicines still have certain toxic and side effects, which may have a lot of adverse effects on the child’s body.

The nitrogen pump was originally called “Pre workout”, which means a supplementary supplement before training.The market supervision department believes that the nitrogen pump is a sports nutrition food from the batch number, not health food, and only people under specific needs are applied.A pharmacist at a three -level hospital in Chengdu said that one of the main components of such products is caffeine. Excessive use will cause people to have dizziness, tachycardia, etc., and even face risk of death. Candidates who know that there are problems with heart problems should be disabled.

In reality, there are many students who have adverse reactions after taking it: a Sichuan candidate takes a nitrogen pump before the game to “disgust and vomit” to give up; two candidates in Shandong and Tianjin saidWaiting for the situation; a girl in Anhui took dyspnea and vomiting, and was urgently sent to the hospital for gastric lavage and infusion treatment …

For such a product with controversy and risks, some businesses have exaggerated publicity, claiming that they can “improve their movement” and “run faster.”Some people in the legal community pointed out,Merchants have a significant improvement of performance, and the function of “physical examination artifacts” that are not consistent with actual situations have a substantial impact on consumers’ purchase behavior and suspected of false advertisements.In addition, according to the “Interim Measures for the Supervision and Management of Food -related Products”, those who produce food -related products for over -range and ultra -limited use of additives can be fined less than 100,000 yuan, and the circumstances are severely punished by a fine of less than 200,000 yuan.The market regulatory authorities cannot let the merchants do their best, and should investigate and deal with it according to law.

Sports in the middle school entrance examination depends on strength, and there is no need to believe in the so -called “artifact”.In fact, as a qualification test, the purpose of the sports middle school entrance examination is to encourage students to strengthen their health through physical exercise. As long as they usually exercise well or even perform assault exercise a period of time before the test, they can get good results.There are too many effort on sports equipment and sports supplements. Not only is it unnecessary, but it may also be counterproductive and harm physical health.

Parents love their children.Faced with various “physical examination artifacts”, parents need to maintain rationality, and they will not be able to take care of them.Rather than trying the so -called “artifact” blindly, it is better to let the children truly “move” and develop the correct sports concept and a healthy lifestyle to benefit for life.

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