"The traffic is here"!Cross -country "chanting" says that the tourism economy will release new vitality

CCTV News:Since 2024, as Zhangjiajie’s number of direct flights from many places in South Korea has increased, more Korean tourists have come.

March of Yangchun is the good time to climb the blue flowers.In the past few days, in the ten mile galleries of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, tourists from South Korea either strolled in, or traveling in the peak forests, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Statistics show that from January 1 to March 15, 2024, Zhangjiajie received 17,8578 entry tourists, of which 7,3084 South Korean tourists accounted for more than 40%.In addition, consumers under the age of 60 of Korean tourists account for 66%, and consumer groups 40-50 years old who accompany their parents are also growing rapidly.In order to better serve Korean tourists, the scenic spots in Zhangjiajie have set up Korean signs, equipped with Korean tourist manuals, and provided Korean explanation services.

With the increase of Korean tourists, the direct flights of Zhangjiajie to and from many places in South Korea are constantly encrypted.At 11:41 noon, a flight from the Zhangjiajie Lotus International Airport from Busan, South Korea, to the Zhangjiajie Lotus International Airport.

At present, Zhangjiajie Air Port has 5 routes to and from Incheon, Busan, Daegu, Daqiu, Nu’an, and Qingzhou. Five domestic and foreign airlines participate in operations, 32 entry and exit flights per week, and the highest number of South Korean entry and exit passengers in a single day is near2000 people.In the next step, it is expected to increase flights to and from Seoul, South Korea.Zhangjiajie Air Port also launched a 24 -hour landing signing service to further improve the efficiency of tourists customs clearance.

Sino -Russian mutual visa -free convenience tourists cross -border tourists have steadily increased

With the recovery of the tourism business of mutual visa groups between China and Russia, the number of tourists who conducted cross -border tourism through Jilin Spring Port increased steadily.As of March 18, 2024, the number of passengers in the Eunuch Port was more than 60,000, with an average daily exit of 1,000 people.

In the Sino -Russian Hunchun Port, tourists who are waiting for the security check -ups are lined up.Taking a passport can travel across borders, making tourists feel very convenient.

With the restart of the Sino -Russian team’s visa exemption agreement, a large number of Russian tourists enter the country from the Spring Port every day to taste Chinese food.

Freach up the off -season not visa -free policy benefits international flight recovery

March of the previous year was the traditional off -season of aviation travel.The off -season in 2024 is not fading, and the implementation of the visa -free policy of many countries has made many airports in and out of the country significantly heating up.

Recently, the entry and exit passenger flow of many airports in Beijing has picked up. At Terminal T3 Terminal T3 of the Capital International Airport, on both sides of the counter and passengers who checked the check -in.

It is understood that in 2024, the number of passengers and reservations for many airlines increased from previous years, especially the favorable visa -free policy, which promoted the recovery of two -way travel demand for entry and exit.

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