The financial alliance set up the "Golden Bridge" of China -Russia cooperation

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The coldness of Kazan City, Russia in winter is strong, and the cold weather does not stop the enthusiasm of financial institutions in China and Russia to hope for exchanges and desire to cooperate -at the Fourth Sino -Russian Financial Alliance Member Conference held here, the two countries alliancesThe work memorandum and other agreements were successfully signed.

Harbin Bank, the Chinese chairman of the China -Russia Financial Alliance, announced at the meeting that the alliance is promoting and expanding financial cooperation in countries along the “Belt and Road” with practical actions, and promoting China -Russia Economic and Trade Date with its own strong appeal and influence to promote its own strong appeal and influenceThe pragmatic development of international exchanges and financial cooperation.

According to industry insiders, the members of the Sino -Russian Financial Alliance fulfilling the important achievements in the cooperation in the financial sector in the special economic period of the two countries, which will effectively promote the participation of financial services for financial services between the two countries and allow financial services to be financial services as theThe golden bridge of pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia has a pragmatic cooperation.

The alliance set up “one shot”

Zhou Jie, Secretary -General of the China -Russia Financial Alliance and assistant to the Harbin Bank President, told reporters that in order to build a “open cooperation and work together” cooperation platform, in October 2015, China opened the Harbin Bank and Harbin Bank and the urban commercial bank of the Russian financial business.Russia’s largest State -owned Commercial Bank Federal Savings Bank jointly led the establishment of the Sino -Russian Financial Alliance in Harbin.The alliance aims to strengthen experience exchanges between alliance members in terms of financial services, risk management, technical solution, employee training, etc., enhance the information exchanges between China and Russia in the fields of finance, and in the establishment of agency relations, the settlement of local currency, and tradeWide -scale cooperation has reached extensive cooperation in the fields of financing, financial market trading business, merchandise loans, and China -Russia local infrastructure construction projects.At the same time, the alliance helped the “Belt and Road” initiative and the construction of the Economic Corridor of the China -Mongolia and Russia, promoted pragmatic cooperation in the financial and economic and trade fields of China and Russia, created a trustworthy and influential Sino -Russian bilateral financial cooperation organization, and committed to consolidating cooperation cooperationThe platform for partnership, establishment of information sharing and experience, knowledge and practical exchanges between members has gradually developed into a cooperative organization with the most members in the financial fields of China and Russia, the most widely cooperative, and the highest -level cooperation level in China and Russia.

As of now, the alliance has developed from the initial 35 member units to 68.Among them, there are 32 Chinese members, including 19 provinces and 24 cities across the country, covering 12 key provinces defined by the “Belt and Road” circle.There are 36 members, 18 headquarters in Moscow, and 18 branches have branches in Russia Far East and Siberia.Alliance members cover more than ten types of financial institutions such as banks, trusts, funds, insurance, asset management companies, financial leasing, industry associations, rating agencies, and consulting companies. The influence and driving role of the alliance are increasingly prominent.

Alliance cooperation results are rich and happy

The strong desire to cooperate will inevitably bring the fruitful cooperation results.It is understood that the Alliance adheres to the concept of “open cooperation and work together”, and actively promotes financial cooperation with Russia, an important fulcrum country along the “Belt and Road”, to carry out a number of business exchanges, and has obtained a number of business exchanges.The widespread recognition and high praise of the organization have now developed into the most influential financial cooperation platform between China and Russia, and have achieved many cooperation results.

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(Part 1), so far, the Sino -Russian Financial Alliance has successfully held the four sessions of members: In October 2015, the China -Russia Financial Alliance was officially established in Harbin City.Promoting a number of cooperation projects such as Sino -Russian currency settlement intention, RMB delegation demolition agreement, derivative product transaction cooperation agreement, etc. In September 2016, the Second Member Conference of the China -Russia Financial Alliance was held in the City of Russia, RussiaHarbin Bank accepted the only policy bank in Russia -Russian development and exclusive commission of Russia’s development and foreign economic banks. With 9 Chinese banks with Russian Foreign Economic Bank signed the “Ten billion RMB Loan Agreement”, it is mainly used to support the “Belt and Road” items.The key cooperation projects between China and Russia have opened the most widely involved in financial institutions between China and Russia’s financial institutions.It has passed a number of issues such as the “Sino -Russian Financial Alliance Organization Plan” and “Administrative Measures for the Sino -Russian Financial Alliance”.The city was held, and members signed an agreement such as the Alliance Work Memorandum.

Integrate innovation and exploration new ideas

With the in -depth cooperation of the financial fields of the two countries, China and Russia have begun to explore the new ideas of integration and innovation based on the financial industry value chain of the two countries.

At the 2016 Hainan · Sino -Russian Financial Alliance Cooperation and Innovation Forum, representatives of more than ten members of the China -Russia alliances around the “emerging development opportunities brought by the” Belt and Road ‘”and” Russia’s advanced development zone created a new highlight for China -Russia financial cooperation “”And the three major themes of the “China -Russia Financial Alliance provided new motivation for China -Russia economic and trade cooperation”, and launched a wonderful dialogue, and signed a number of cooperation intentions such as “Supporting Russia’s Far East and Siberia”.The integration and innovation of the national financial industry value chain has opened up new ideas.

In July 2016, at the “Russia and China ‘New Silk Road’ Sino -Russian Financial Alliance Conference”, representatives of financial institutions between China and Russia and representatives of enterprise representatives on the development of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, trade financing products and the Sino -Russian national currency settlement cooperation, etc.Discuss the problem and reach specific intentions on cooperation in multiple fields.

From 2015 to 2018, the Sino-Russian Financial Alliance was invited to participate in the China-Russian Expo for several times, and closely developed in-depth exchanges around the strategic cooperation of members along the “Belt and Road”.Give full excavation of the potential of alliance cooperation, achieve complementary advantages, and provide effective financial support for economic and trade development along the “Belt and Road”.

Guo Zhiwen, chairman of Harbin Bank, said that Harbin Bank will work with the China -Russia Financial Alliance to promote the practice of financial cooperation between China and Russia and larger within a wide range, and rely on the open aggregation of members of the China -Russia Financial Alliance to further strengthen mutual benefitCooperation and resource sharing, for the integration and innovation of the financial industry value chain of China and Russia, explore new paths, and contribute new forces.

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