Through the whole year, covering four seasons, 2024 "Shuiyun Jiangsu · You will be more beautiful" Cultural Tourism Consumption Sales Season starts

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The intersection news is to comprehensively stimulate the potential of cultural tourism consumption,3moontwenty threeIn the morning, co -organized by the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Changzhou Municipal People’s Government, etc.2024The launching ceremony of the “Shuiyun Jiangsu · You will be more beautiful.”

This year’s cultural tourism consumption promotion season will launch three major series of “Shuiyun Jiangsu” cultural tourism consumption promotion, line product promotion, and brand image improvement.twenty twoThe theme activities of the item, through the organizing the promotion of cultural tourism consumption promotion activities throughout the year, covering the four seasons, and spanning the annual annual, guide the launch of various forms of consumption promotion activities and measures to benefit the people from all over the province to create more new scenes of consumption integration of cultural and sports travelers to promote the promotionThe upgrading of cultural tourism formats has promoted the quality and expansion of the consumption of cultural tourism, and expanded the influence of the “Shuiyun Jiangsu” cultural tourism brand.

At the event site, the Jiangsu Spring Tourism Route products and the people’s measures were released.Provincial Department of Literary and Cultural Traveling to the whole province13Set up districts and cities to launch various characteristic spring tourism line products and “flower appreciation+“Theme activity, etc.803Activities to create colorful“”Flowering seasonNew gameplay and new trend of tourism.Through the issuance of cultural tourism consumer coupons, tourist scenic spots, discounts, tourism companies discounts, tourism to help the disabled, etc.419Xiang Huimin’s measures were given to the “Gift Package” of Huimin in the spring, and invited tourists from all parties to experience the beauty of the beauty, beautiful taste, beautiful humanistic, and beautiful life of “Shuiyun Jiangsu”, and harvesting beauty discovery.

On the same day, the representatives of e -commerce and new media platforms released a wonderful2024Cultural brigades promote consumer activities.According to the big data of the Ctrip platform, this year, the Jiangsu Cultural Tourism Market has shown three major trends in the three major trends of cultural tourism in -depth integration, personalized quality upgrade of tourism demand, and the emergence of various new formats and new games.Comprehensive promotional strategy.Douyin is about to launch two topics# #This spring is always coming to Jiangsu,# #Hundreds of views of riversInPin Shuiyun Jiangsu, which has been released through uninterrupted circuit lines throughout the year“”Shuiyun JiangsuBrand sound.

Published on the spot“”Shuiyun JiangsuHuihui Literary TravelDigital RMB promotes consumer activities. By issuing digital RMB red envelopes and cultural tourism consumer coupons, digital RMB consumption subsidies are implemented on tourists from the Soviet Union and key cultural tourism operations in the province to achieve the province13Settings, cinemas, studies, research, cruise ships, hot springs, performances, exhibitions, homestays, cultural and creative and other formats, digital RMB payment“”Non -barrierEssenceThis year, Jiangsu will also build the fourth batch of provincial cultural and tourism consumption convenient payment demonstration zonesOver 30One, further promote the innovation of digital RMB scenes“”Go aheadEssence

In addition, the scene is also released at the scene20strip“”Shuiyun JiangsuInExciting non -relicNon -heritage boutique tourist routes, follow the colorful non -heritage skills to open a unique discovery journey; release the theme of “Water Yun Jiangsu · Together Together”, and “follow the micro -short drama to travel”, “follow the competition to travel”” Follow the music “and” Find Food to Travel “and other activities, through cultivating and promoting the” event+travel”“”music+travel“”show+travelWait for a diversified integration of new formats; combine the province142The provincial industrial tourism area and the provincial -level industrial tourism area13The industrial tourism route, launched the “Shuiyun Jiangsu · Baicun Baiqi Enterprise Self -Driving Tour” activity,13The main person in charge of the district and municipal cultural tourism bureau is“”Shuiyun JiangsuBaicun Baiqi Driving TourRepresents the flag.

It is worth mentioning that strengthening cultural tourism cooperation is one of the important paths to promote the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.At the launching ceremony, the representatives of the Yangtze River Delta travelers signed on the stage to jointly promote the delivery of customers from the Yangtze River Delta, line interconnection, and market sharing.Jiangsu grabbed an entry and rising warmth, and the important content provider of foreign tourists in China in the Yangtze River DeltaBon appJointly opened the “Shuiyun Jiangsu” cultural tourism area to promote the “Shuiyun Jiangsu” brand to further enhance the international popularity and influence.

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