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4 min read · Lightning News April 25th In order to promote the construction of food and drug safety supervision capabilities in the region and improve the overall quality of food and drug safety supervision teams, from April 22 to 25, Jinan High -tech Zone ’s food and drug management work business capabilities are training.The class was held at the Education Work Committee of the Party School of the Party School of the Communist Party of China.A total of more than 50 people in the high -tech district food and drug committee members, the specific business leaders of each street office and some contracting cadres participated in the training.
On the morning of April 22, the meeting of all member units of the Food and Drug Safety Commission of the High -tech Zone and the opening of the special training course for food and drug safety management in Jinan High -tech Zone was notified.The meeting emphasized that we must firmly grasp this learning opportunity, enhance the level of professional knowledge, strengthen the sense of safety responsibility, and actively integrate theoretical learning into the specific work as soon as possible, consolidate the foundation of food and drug safety, and continuously improve the sense of gain, happiness, happiness, happiness, and happiness in the jurisdictions.sense of security.
This training focuses on the food and drug safety supervision work in the new era, new period, and under the new situation. Through the “desktop deduction+special counseling+on -site teaching+discussion and sharing”, it focuses on “promoting high -quality economic development with new productivity” and “Implementing food safety ‘two responsibilities’ to improve the management capabilities of the bidding cadres “,” risks and supervision of drug retail use “,” food and drug safety social governance innovation work “and other content invitation experts to provide special lectures to learn in place to promote responsibilityIn place, improve the consciousness and ability of all member units to fulfill the duties of food and drug safety supervision in accordance with the law, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of doing food and drug safety.
In addition, the training class also invited emergency management experts to simulate the emergence of food and drug safety incidents as the background. According to the process of introduction and group discussions, according to the development of the situation and the relevant provisions of the emergency management of food and drug safety incidents, the incident, development, and development, development, andThe entire process of disposal is performed in all -round and multi -angle desktop simulation.Through this exercise, all member units further familiar with the emergency response process of food and drug safety accidents, improved the emergency response and collaborative combat capabilities of food and drug safety emergencies, enriched the experience of dealing with emergencies and drug safety incidents, and achieved the expected results.Essence
The training class also organized students to go to the Kanto Cultural Exhibition Hall’s party education base to conduct on -site teaching, lead the students to feel, understand the spirit of Chuangdong, review the party’s glorious journey and brilliant achievements, and inspire all students to dare to do it in the new journey of “three entrepreneurs” in the high -tech zone.Dare to break through, dare to do it, consolidate the bottom line of food and drug safety with actual actions, strive to be the leading leadership of the city’s food and drug management work, and strive to build a strong place for food and drug safety areas and the city’s food and drug industry.situation.
In the next step, the Market Supervision Department of Jinan High -tech Zone will start with this training as the starting point to establish a normal learning and training mechanism. Members of each food and drug security committee will actively integrate the learning of the training into the implementation of the specific work and take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiativeAdapt to the changes in the objective situation of food and drug safety supervision, continuously promote supervision methods to abide by and innovate, further enhance the food and drug safety management capabilities of the high -tech zone, and empower the new journey of “three entrepreneurship” in the region.
Lightning News reporter Duan Jiaqi Chun Yu Long Jinan Gaoxin Rong Media Report

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