Vocational education empowers the five directions of Chinese -style modernization

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Chinese -style modernization is the modernization of the huge population, the modernization of the common prosperity of all people, the modernization of the coordination of material civilization and spiritual civilization, the modernization of harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and the modernization of peaceful development.As an important part of my country’s national education system and human resources development, vocational education undertakes important social functions to cultivate diverse talents, inherit technical skills, and promote employment and entrepreneurship.Vocational education and Chinese -style modernization development has played an important role in supporting the modernization of Chinese -style modernization.
High -quality labor army with a large scale
The huge population scale is the basic national conditions of our country and one of the important characteristics of Chinese -style modernization.In promoting the modernization of Chinese -style modernization in the realization of the population scale, focusing on the people’s increasingly increasing demand for diversified education, my country has accelerated the horizontal integration of all citizens, serving the life chain of all citizens, serving the entire people, and serving the entire industry chain. It provides a high -quality labor army with large scale, reasonable structure, and competitiveness for the advancement of Chinese -style modernization.
From the perspective of the education group, my country’s vocational education not only provides school vocational education for school -age students, but also provides diverse vocational education and training for various groups such as unemployed, retired soldiers, peasants, new generation of migrant workers, and employees. EssenceAt the same time, through the national qualification framework and credits of credit banking, my country has created a good environment that can learn from time to time, from time to time, and everywhere.
Empower all the people to move towards common prosperity
my country’s socialist nature determines that Chinese -style modernization must follow the path of common prosperity.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with the highest leadership and comrades has implemented the strongest and largest fight against poverty in human history. This is an important milestone on the road of common prosperity.In the journey of achieving common prosperity and comprehensive construction of socialist modernization countries, vocational education has always developed with my country’s modernization and symbiosis.
Vocational education is a type of education that is related to national economy and people’s livelihood. It has played an important role in promoting my country’s economic and social development, thereby achieving common prosperity.First, the supply of technical skills talents.To adapt to the main trend of the development of the national economy and the basic characteristics of the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, my country’s vocational education has set up 1349 specialty and more than 100,000 professional cloth points, covering various industries of the national economy, and provides all kinds of technologies at all levels for economic and social development. Skills.Secondly, funding vocational education is funded.my country has established a relatively complete vocational education award, loan, assistance, supplement, and exemption system. The free tuition coverage rate of secondary vocational education exceeds 90%, and the coverage rate of higher vocational education scholarships is nearly 30%.These funding policies have played an important role in receiving vocational education and blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty.Third, empower the village revitalization.Through the development of agricultural -related vocational colleges and majors, a group of technical and skills talents who know farmers and agriculture have been trained.Industry revitalization, talent rejuvenation, organizational revitalization, and common prosperity provide solid human resources support.
Service material civilization and spiritual civilization construction
Chinese -style modernization is the modernization of material civilization and spiritual civilization. To achieve Chinese -style modernization requires both strong material power, to achieve “home warehouses and good food”, it also requires strong spiritual power to achieve “everyone knows the courtesy, the honor and disgrace”EssenceIn the process of modernization of Chinese -style modernization, my country’s vocational education supported the construction of two civilizations through morality.
When vocational education answered the priority education question of “who cultivates”, it clearly puts forward the goal guide to adhere to the moral person, moral skills, and cultivate high -quality technical skills.my country’s vocational education has carried forward and inherited the fine tradition of admiring the Chinese nation, adheres to the unification of Decerity and strong skills, attaches great importance to the moral shape of the educated people, integrates socialist core values ​​into the entire process of training of technical and skill talents, while strengthening it comprehensively at the same time Curriculum ideas and ideological and political courses, continuously strengthen students’ ideological leadership, cultural nourishment, and spiritual support, build the foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of the spirit, and take the rudder of steady thinking.
Promote the harmonious symbiosis of man and nature
The development of economic and social development and the improvement of the degree of modernization needs to obtain various resources from the natural environment, so that people and nature will form a community of destiny community of rest.In the historical process of promoting green development and promoting harmony between man and nature, my country’s vocational education is based on the magnificent blueprint of “beautiful China”, and actively participates in the supply and development of green skills in various fields.
In the context of the “double carbon”, the industrial structure of vocational education services is also being transformed and upgraded.According to the development needs of the green economy in the new period, vocational colleges integrate the concept of green development into the entire process of curriculum setting, teaching materials development, teaching implementation, and learning results assessment.The mechanism provides a steady stream of green technology and skills for the development of the green economy.For example, in the “Classification Classification Classification Classification of the People’s Republic of China”, “Green Occupation” was noted, and “Smart Environmental Protection Equipment Technology” and “Green Low Carbon Technology” were set up in the “Catalog of Vocational Education Professional”, which expanded green technology and skills talentsEffective supply.
Promote the construction of community of human destiny
my country has always held up the banner of peace, development, cooperation, and win -win situation, adheres to the “beauty of the United States and the United States”, builds a community of human destiny, and formed a modern practice of “developing its own benefit of the world”.my country’s vocational education also borrows from each other, inspires each other, and develops vocational education from various countries around the world. It shares the results of my country’s vocational education development and reform with countries around the world, and provides Chinese solutions for global education development.
In terms of “introduction”, my country has actively learned from the successful experience of vocational education in various countries such as Germany’s “dual system” and the Australian TAFE model, and helps the reform and development of vocational education in my country’s vocational education.In terms of “going global”, my country’s vocational education has enriched the global cooperation and communication platforms and channels, and promoted the “Luban Workshop”, “Mozi Workshop” and “Zhenghe College” to take root in many countries and regions around the world to deepen technical and cultural comminicate.At the same time, through the form of skill competitions and academic forums, we will deepen the exchange and mutual learning of vocational education in various countries around the world, and contribute to the construction of Chinese vocational education for the establishment of the community of human destiny.
(Author Song Yafeng is an associate researcher at the School of Education of Tianjin University, Professor of Pan Haisheng Department of Tianjin University Education)

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