Witness 60 years 丨 Co -Creation Fashion: Olivier Sellade

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When it comes to France, people think of a word -fashion.Olivier Sillard is the former curator of the Paris Fashion Museum and the director of the Alaa Foundation.He and his friends used the bridge of Chinese and French exchanges with fashion.


Mr. Sillard is now the Alaa Foundation Museum, which is the director of the Director. It has thousands of ancient costume collected. The exhibition hall is like a fashionable history.In this “fashion history”, Selrad left a connection with China.The museum exhibition method is very simple.Sellad said that this exhibition is influenced by Chinese culture: less is more.

Olvyer Surd:Many aspects of the fashion industry are inspired by China.I am most interested in observing traditional Chinese clothing.I found that the method of cutting in traditional clothing is sometimes very simple, but it is interesting that this method is very modern.There is a pure form in the Chinese lifestyle, I like it very much.I think this has also contributed to the minimalist form that I have always liked.I am interested in art forms such as writing art, calligraphy, architecture, etc. I think these art forms in China are very successful, and they have developed rapidly.

In October 2023, Sillard went to the ancient village in Langtou Village, Guangdong, China.

Olvyer Surd:This is a museum about calligraphy and calligraphy art.It has about ten buildings and is a rigorous building complex.I am also very interested in visiting this museum because it is located next to an ancient village.From our perspective, we can always see the future characteristics of the city.This village still retains alleys and ancient buildings, surrounded by sleeping lotus fields, which is very romantic.Although I did n’t have childhood as a child, I think this is still very interesting to appreciate the ancient Chinese inheritance.

When Mr. Selrad set his sights on China, some people also worked hard to bring Chinese clothing on the international stage.

The French senior fashion association has strict review standards for international designers who go to Paris Fashion Week. In 2006, the French fashion association made an exception for Chinese brands and realized that Chinese designers “zero breakthroughs” in Paris Fashion Week in Paris.Applying again and again, the unremitting Zhao Qian won.

Zhao Qian, director of French New Group:At that time, in the twenty years, I was the entire person in charge of Paris Fashion Week in China.We also have many excellent designers and excellent brands.It may not be exactly the same as the West, but it also has our own characteristics, which can represent my culture and the essence of our philosophy.It is hoped that the opportunity to build diplomatic relations between China and France for 60 years and 2024 China -French Cultural Tourism Year can deepen the cooperation between China and France in the field of fashion art and culture.

Director System 丨 Jiang Qiuyi

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Post -production 丨 France International TV

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