Yangzhen Village, Nansang Street, Nansang Street, Jining City, launched the "Reasonable Diet and Immune Cornerstone" nutrition and health publicity activities

Luwang March 25th News In order to vigorously popularize the knowledge of reasonable diet and physical health, guide residents to establish a reasonable meal concept, develop good eating habits, enhance the health awareness of residents, improve unreasonable and unhealthy eating habits, and make the concept of “scientific diet and healthy life” deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Recently,Yangzhen Village, Nantang Street, Nantong Street, Jining City, launched a “reasonable dietary immune cornerstone cornerstone” nutrition and health promotional activity, allowing residents of the district to understand the knowledge of dietary nutrition, and applied the knowledge learned to the production of family diet.Eat nutrition and healthy.

During the activity, the grid staff through publicity materials, explanations, and other methods, combined with cases in life, used easy -to -understand language to popularize nutrition and health knowledge to residents, and explained to residents in the jurisdictions from the aspects of food safety, food ingredients, food matching, etc.The importance of food, explaining scientific and reasonable diets can not only promote health and prevent diseases, but also help regulate sub -health, assist diseases, promote disease rehabilitation, promote healthy lifestyle, improve residents’ basic food nutrition and balanced diet.The understanding of principles promotes the improvement of the healthy lifestyle of residents.The grid staff focused on the eight major balanced dietary standards such as “diverse food, reasonable matching”, “eating and balanced, healthy weight”, analyzing the value and significance of nutritional health, and emphasizing the importance of balanced diet., Make residents fully recognize the importance of nutrition and health.In response to the elderly and infants, the grid staff told the importance of reasonable diet to the health of the elderly, and explained the combination of four major foods and reasonable diets, and informed the elderly to maintain a reasonable dietary habit in daily life.Be less salt, less oil, and less sugar, ensure high -quality protein intake and drinking water every day, consume more dietary fiber, and try to achieve diversification of food and balanced nutrition; guide children to develop good diet without eclipse and picky eatersHabits, forming good food hygiene habits. Be sure to wash your hands before meals. Drink less drinks, eat less fried, pickled foods, eat more fruit, vegetables, nutritious meat and other healthy foods.Grid members call on residents to participate in nutritional improvement operations, reduce dangerous factors affecting health through actual actions, enable residents to improve nutritional nutrients and develop a healthy lifestyle, and create a reasonable nutritional, hygienic and safe dietary environment in the community, so that reasonable nutrition, Balanced dietary concept deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

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