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2 min read News Client News CorrespondentWu WeixiaPhotography report: Recently, the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition was opened, Peng Huiqun, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Hukou No. 2 Middle School, Yu Jianming, member of the Party Committee, Wu Weixia, deputy director of the Electronic Education Department attended the event, and personally experienced the field of education equipmentThe latest development and innovation.

  Entering the exhibition hall, first of all, the eyes are the latest educational equipment, such as smart teaching platforms, interactive blackboards, etc.These products are stylish and powerful, which can not only improve teaching efficiency, but also make students’ learning experience more colorful, providing strong support for modern education and teaching.

  During the exhibition, Hukou No. 2 Middle School and his party deeply felt the unremitting pursuit of innovation in the education equipment industry.Whether it is the upgrade of hardware equipment or the innovation of software applications, it reflects the industry’s in -depth understanding and support of education and teaching.At the same time, they also saw the industry’s keen insight into the future education development trend, all of which will have a profound impact on teaching work.

  In addition, Houkou No. 2 Middle School also participated in forums and exchange activities.During the event, in -depth exchanges and discussions with educators from all over the country, they shared their experiences and experiences.Through exchanges, Hukou No. 2 Middle School clarifies the development direction and goals of teaching equipment work, and has also gained many valuable suggestions and revelations.

  The exhibition journey allowed Hukou No. 2 Middle School to deeply feel the vigorous and vibrant potential of the development of the education equipment industry.I believe that in the near future, these advanced education equipment will be widely used in education and teaching work, providing strong support for cultivating more outstanding talents.

  Hukou No. 2 Middle School will carefully summarize the gains and experiences of this exhibition, combine the actual situation of the school, formulate a more scientific and reasonable education equipment plan, actively promote and apply these advanced education equipment, and improve the school’s education and teaching levelContribute.Looking forward to the future, Houkou No. 2 Middle School will continue to pay attention to the development of the education equipment industry, and constantly update its knowledge and skills to meet the needs of teaching work in the new era.

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