"Zhiqi New Article · Tong Drawing Blueprint" to explore the new path of engineering education science education

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Taihu Gezhi Middle School and Jiangyin Qingyang Junior Middle School in Wuxi City recently held a exchange seminar on the theme of “Zhiqi New Chapter · Tong Di Blueprint”.The purpose of this activity is to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of inter -school engineering education and science education, and jointly explore new strategies and new paths for the development of engineering education and science education.

At the seminar, Mr. Yang Chengjia from Taihu Gezhi Middle School showed a vivid and creative engineering education course.The course is based on the theme of “machine vision and AI model -emotional rain and rain recorder”, and cleverly combines artificial intelligence technology with school characteristic psychological courses.Under the guidance of Teacher Yang, the students started from designing a simple version of the emotional rain instrument, and gradually iterated and upgraded, and finally developed a more complete emotional rain and rain recorder 2.0.This process not only trained students’ practical ability and innovative thinking, and gained a sense of accomplishment in the completion of the project, but also made them deeply understand the charm of engineering education.

After the class, the teachers of Qingyang Junior High School highly evaluated Mr. Yang’s classroom performance, and conducted in -depth exchanges on the overall ideas and concepts of the project design and specific arrangements.They said that this teaching method that combines artificial intelligence technology with special courses has strong innovation and practicality, and it is worthy of reference and promotion.

Subsequently, President Wang Wanmeng of Taihu Gezhi Middle School introduced in detail the actual work and future development plan of the school in the field of engineering education and scientific education.She emphasized that the school has been committed to promoting the innovation and development of engineering education. By introducing advanced teaching concepts and technical means, it provides students with a better learning experience.It emphasizes students -oriented scientific education concepts, focusing on cultivating students’ scientific literacy and exploring spirit.

President Xu of Qingyang Junior High School also shared the school’s practical experience in engineering education and scientific education. He said that with the rapid development of science and technology, the importance of engineering education is increasingly prominent.It can not only cultivate students’ comprehensive quality, but also improve their team collaboration ability and problem solving ability.And look forward to more cooperation and exchanges between the two schools in the future.

In addition, the participants also visited the artificial intelligence laboratory of Taihu Gezhi Middle School to praise the school’s investment and results in this field.During the exchange process, the leaders of the two universities conducted in -depth discussions on how to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between schools and reached a series of consensus.

During the exchange process, the leaders of the two universities discussed in depth how to strengthen cooperation and exchanges between schools.They agreed that through regular exchanges, joint teaching activities, and sharing high -quality education resources, they can effectively promote the common development of the two universities in the field of engineering education and scientific education.

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