Why do you insist on exercise?This is the best answer I have ever heard, don’t believe it

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The famous writer Zhang Xiaoxian once said: insisting that exercise is only for the best version of himself.

Indeed, in addition to allowing people to strengthen the body, it also allows us to meet our better ourselves.

Just like insisting on reading, exercise and reading are both old hobbies that can be adhered to.

If you still can’t persist in daily exercise at this moment, then please read the following 10 sentences to persist in exercise.

The sentence is easy to understand, and it is easy to understand. I believe that after you read it, you will definitely benefit a lot.Since then, I have fell in love with sports and insisted on exercise.


If there is anything else worth adhering to a lifetime,,In addition to making money,,The second should be exercise, right?Intersection

The body is everything.While we are busy with 996, if we do not pay attention to the combination of work and rest, we will receive a warning from the body.

And exercise, it is the best bodyguard to drive the body to send a warning. Perseverance is equivalent to having a strong black bodyguard.


If a person can do it as if you like money like money,,Then this person already has a pass to succeedEssence

Exercise can bring a healthy physique, comfortable body and mind, in other words, exercise can bring health.Without health, how can I see success?

And health and money are indispensable in their lives, and the two are indispensable.No health, what’s the use of more money?

Money is not universal as health, but without money and health, it is absolutely impossible.


Life is movement,,Exercise Baijiyu and have no harm,,Exercise makes people feel happyEssence

Maybe everyone often hear friends around me complaining that I am in a bad mood and I have a bad life.

Whenever I hear such complaints, I will give the same answer: I feel bad?Live badly?Then go to run!

When you are free and sweat like rain drops, your bad mood disappears because the heartbeat brought by running.

Life is bad?Whose day is not a little bit more beautiful.

Fortunately, you are still alive. You are much better than those who are lying on the sick bed.

It is useless to complain that the life is bad. Stop it, put down the phone, and exercise together?

Complaining is a kind of negative energy, a bad emotion. The more bad emotions, the more you will be involved in the illness. Let the exercise drive away the bad emotions!


It is said that the years urge people to grow oldEssenceIf there is one thing to make you live younger and younger now,,Would you like to tryIntersection

I think the answer is naturally certain: yes, I am very willing.This thing is to persist in exercise.

Maybe everyone has encountered such a group of people. They look young, light, full of energy, and strong.

But when they talk about their age, you will be frightened: Ah, how is it possible?You don’t look like your age.

It is not as mature as you are. You seem to be only 15 years younger than the actual age.why is that?

No reason?It was because they persisted in exercise for ten years.

Persist in going to the gym 3-5 times a week, and adhere to the morning running every day.That’s it.

Perhaps at that moment, we really doubted that the exercise really made people get younger and younger.

In a model contest, a player was particularly noticeable. His appearance seemed to be similar to other models

But I knew that he was over seventy years old.However, it doesn’t look old at all.Because he insists on fitness every day.

Really, sports can really make people look much younger than the actual age, not only mentally, but also in appearance.


Sports and reading,,It will not be late at any time,,People of any age are applicableEssence

Many things can only be more effective at the right time. For example, school is a privilege for young talents.

And exercise is not the same. As long as you are interested, when you have time, when you think of it, you can start.

For example, you can walk anytime, anywhere, and you can run anytime, anywhere.Because the road is at your feet.

Walking is one of the simplest and easiest and easiest movements that do not need to prepare.

You can get up in the morning, and come to the morning after you packed yourself; you can also take a walk with your partner and your family after meals.

walk,,running(jogging,,Running can),,Dance,,climb mountains,,Play a ball,,fitness,,swim,,Cycling and so on,,Sports should be availableItems

Under the condition of time permit,,Move at least every day40More than minutes,,It’s best to sweat the one,,Persist every day,,StormyEssence

Choose a sport that suits you and likes,,And persist from beginning to end,,In the case of poor weather,,Can be changed to the roomEssence

In the process of exercise or fitness, in addition to preservation and quantity, one thing that needs to be paid attention to is safety, not blindly or dead.

When you feel that your body is not timely, stop the movements in your hand immediately, and sit down and rest. If necessary, seek help or call the first aid phone.

Top millions of exercise, the first item of safety.

Exercise is to have a healthy body, not the body is hurt.

If you exercise forcibly with physical discomfort, it will only be counterproductive, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

Many people always make excuses that they are busy and have no time.Is it really too busy?

I don’t think so?Time is like a sponge. There are always squeezing.

If you can play your mobile phone, you will not have time.

If there is no time, walking is the most troubled and direct exercise.

Try it, play a little less, play a little more exercise.

Over time,,You will find some changes in your body and mindEssence

You will become younger,,Shiny,,More lively,,More confident,,Even more vigorously,,More energy,,Hea healthyEssence

Future you,,I will definitely thank myself who persist in exercise every dayEssence

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