4 exercise skills, let you consume more fat and lose weight quickly

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During weight loss, you need to control the calorie intake, and you also need to exercise.In addition to being able to strengthen the body and reduce the problem of obese diseases, it can also increase the body’s calorie consumption and expand the calorie expenditure to maintain a better body shape.
4 exercise fat burning skills, let you consume more fat and lose weight quickly!
Tips 1. Use trivial time to exercise
Many people say that I am busy and have no time to exercise.In fact, this is an excuse. People with awareness of weight loss will use trivial time to exercise. They can take 10 minutes each time and exercise 3 times a day. The cumulative time can reach 30 minutes. Then the body will consume a lot of calories after long -term accumulation.To develop the awareness of exercise and adhere to the frequency of exercise, your physical fitness will gradually improve, and your body will become firm.
Tips 2. Improve exercise intensity
In weight loss, aerobic exercise is the first choice for brushing fat. Usually, it is a good training program for fast walking, jogging, cycling, and mountain climbing.However, in addition to consuming fat in the body, the low -intensity of the low -intensity will break down the muscles of the body, leading to a decline in metabolism.The decline in metabolism will cause the body’s daily consumption of calories. For example, foods that previously consumed 2,000 calories per day can be completely consumed, and now it can only consume 1,800 calories.
In order to improve physical metabolism and reduce muscle loss, you need to increase the intensity of aerobic exercise, such as HIIT training, rope skipping or transmission running. These exercises can quickly increase fat burning heart rate while reducing muscle loss.Maintain a high metabolic state, and continue to consume the calories up to 24 hours, and develop a lean physique.
Tips 3. Add strength training
Power training is a necessary training method for people with muscle growth, but fat -reducing training is also indispensable.The stimulus of muscle training can be effectively grown and expanded.
You don’t need to be afraid of strength training. When the body’s muscles are improved, you can protect the body’s bones, reduce the accumulation of fat, develop a lean body, have strong physical fitness, resist the invasion of the years, and prevent skin relaxation and aging.
Therefore, you can conduct 3 strength training every week, such as squats, arrow squats, upward bodies, bench presses, pushing, etc., which can help you shape a curve figure!
Tips 4. Avoid fasting training
Many people who lose weight believe that fasting training will actively consume fat, and the effect of weight loss will be better, but it is not.Empty training, blood sugar is too low, physical loss, insufficient endurance, and exercise efficiency will be greatly reduced.For example, you can run for 40 minutes, you can only run for 20 minutes in an empty stomach, and even feel dizzy and tired.
And when you eat a little oatmeal, the exercise efficiency will be greatly improved at this time, the fat burning effect will be strengthened, and your body has more motivation to complete more exercise challenges.
Therefore, for people who are exercise, avoid an empty stomach exercise, a small amount of meals and re -training are recommended.
Last reminder:Although it is good to exercise to lose weight, it also needs to control the time. Give the body for 1-2 days a week. The daily exercise time is controlled within 1.5 hours. Excessive length will also make the body too tired.
The combination of labor and rest can keep you persistent for a long time, not tired of exercise, control the time and frequency of exercise, and the body will gain a better effect!

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