Changshi Li Zezheng: Hong Kong must keep the status of the international financial center

View Network Hong Kong Report: On March 21, Changshi Chairman Li Zezhen said that in recent years, Hong Kong people have worked hard. After a pressure test of waves and waves, in the current economic environment, it depends on how the Hong Kong government responds.However, it is emphasized that Hong Kong must keep the status of the international financial center. This status is not easy and cannot be lost.

He also pointed out that the group has invested 8 projects in the past three years, including Kai Tak, Xiyingpan, Yuen Long, Tugua Bay, etc., and has not reduced Hong Kong investment.

It also said that Hong Kong as the group’s hometown has special feelings. If Hong Kong can provide good returns, it will prefer to invest in Hong Kong.But frankly, any large investment must calculate the return.As a multinational company, the group has different businesses in 51 countries. If real estate projects can provide better returns than other businesses, the group will be willing to invest.

Asked about the Hong Kong property market, he quoted Zhao Guoxiong, an executive director, stated that the unfavorable factors of the Hong Kong property market have emerged and even showed signs of decline. For example, the Hong Kong government has canceled the property control measures and the top of the interest.And his personal view is that the market has risen and decline, but he believes that the current opportunity to rise is greater than the chance of falling.

He also pointed out that the hotel’s hotel business is mainly long -term rental, and in 2023, there are more than ordinary passengers, and the occupancy rate has changed. It is also stimulating to relax the free travel in the Mainland.Its hotel’s recent check -in rate is nearly 90 %.

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